Uni-Solar Smart Roof Pro PV Laminates Reviews


Uni-Solar Peel 'n Sticks. This is a thin film solar laminate, or peel 'n stick, which you literally stick onto a standing seam metal roof. Aesthetically great and relatively efficient solar production.


Pros: Aesthetically integrates into a standing seam metal roof. Easy application, and minmal penetration. Reasonably efficient electrical production.

Cons: Not as efficient as traditional crystalline solar panels.

These peel n' stick laminates are easy to apply, minimize roof penetration and therefore the potential for water leakage, are aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably efficient producers of electricity. System rated 4.4KW. Price paid ($8,438 / KW) is before CEC rebate. UniSolar relies on independent third party contractors to install, and my experience is that they do not actively follow up or monitor performance. Seems to be weak on customer service.