Great bulb, will continue to buy until all flood lights replaced

A Review On: Tuwago B3-12DPRO 12-watt BR30 Flood LED Lamp

Tuwago B3-12DPRO 12-watt BR30 Flood LED Lamp

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Pros: brighter than its advertised 65w, high color rendering, soft light for living areas,

Cons: $$ at full list price, cannot be used in fully enclosed fixtures

These are great LED replacements for halogens or fluorescents. I had a mix of CFLs and halogens around the house that i've been wanting to replace with low energy LEDs for some time and I've now replaced about 60% of them. Day and night difference:


The Good:

First of all, no more waiting for CFLs to warm up. That was extremely annoying in areas where you might enter and leave even before the light bulbs warm up all the way (kitchen!). These are instantly on to full power.


The color is perfect for living areas like bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms, and even bathrooms, yet suitable for task in kitchens. I prefer whiter in an office/den environment.


Much brighter than the 65 watt halogens i had, and way brighter than the CFL 65w equivalents. 


Dimming is flawless on my Lutron dimmers and goes all the way down without weird buzzing or sudden shutoffs.


Solid and has some weight to it making it feel like good construction.


The Bad: 

I bought 2 at full price from Tuwago's website. Though shipping was fast (2 days). You can get these on sale on Amazon or even on their own website now. Don't pay 30 bucks for these. 20 is more like it.


Had a few old ceiling cans that had a frosted glass cover over the opening which I did not want to risk overheating these bulbs so I chose to replace the sleeve with an open type.


Does not say damp location OK. Time will tell.


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