True Earth Red Blend Wine Reviews

Positive Reviews


Better Than The Usual Red Organic


Pros: organic and Afforable for the taste

Cons: A little on the average side

I recently tried the red blend and Ive got to say it was not a knock your socks off kind of a wine but, for the price and the fact that it is organic, it was pretty good. The flavor wasn't bland or boring it was just pretty subtle on its flavor. Ive recently been trying organic wines and ive payed more than $13 for reds that are usually so bland that i was starting to think all organic reds were maybe just typically boring. This is worth the price and who can turn down a decent organic California wine? Not me.

Negative Reviews

It's organic wine or whatever


Pros: It tastes like wine

Cons: It doesn't taste like very good wine

A little weak on the tannin side, never really had a blend of different grape types before, and this probably wasn't the best place to start. Then again, I don't know a whole lot about wine.

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Very nice sipping wine


Pros: Reasonably priced, made with organic grapes, subtle flavor, very drinkable

Cons: Some sulfites

I recently got a chance to taste the True Earth red blend (made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Sirah).  And let's just start off by saying, I would definitely spend $13 to buy a bottle.  It's a very nice sipping wine.  I'm not sure it's full-bodied enough to pair with a meal; its semi-subtle flavors might get a little lost.  But if you're sitting around with some friends (or if it's just been a particularly long day at work or something), this True Earth wine is not a bad choice. It's quite smooth and has a light flavor.  It's not too fruity but it's certainly not bitter.  I'm not really a wine expert so I can't confirm that it has any light oakiness or spicy finish or...
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True Earth


Pros: organic grapes

Cons: possibly availability in your town

I am always looking for wine that is sustainably harvested or made from organically grown grapes so I was encouraged to find True Earth among the crowds of wine.  I would prefer them to be sulfite free (I get a runny nose) but all in all a good alternative.

Great Basic Red


Pros: A blend - yum

Cons: Basic red

 Good wine, I like red and I like blends, so no complaints here.  Nothing to rave about, but the fact it's organic gives it 2 thumbs up!  Very enjoyable.