True Earth Chardonnay


Pros: organic, made in California

Cons: not particularly noteworthy

For a pretty inexpensive bottle of organic wine, the True Earth Chardonnay is a good bet for white wine drinkers.  It's a little on the sweeter side and rather fruity.  It's a good, basic, table chardonnay.  It's not really a white you walk away from saying "Wow, now that was a white wine."  But it's very drinkable and pleasant.  On the whole, I prefer the True Earth red though.


Pros: CCOF Wine!

Cons: Too sweet for me

 Love the fact this is an Organic wine made here in California... but I couldn't finish my glass. A bit too sweet for me, but I know a lot of people out there like it that way.  This one just wasn't for me.  Pass me the red.

True Earth Chardonnay

This Chardonnay has a smooth and round palate with complex varietal aromas. Melons and sweet country apples on the nose, with citrus and apple-pear flavors. Why Organic? Organically farmed earth is in natural balance and harmony. We believe that organic farming yields wines with more personality and sense of place. Healthy soils, healthy vines equal truly pure wines. What is CCOF? California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) vineyards use no pesticides, herbicides, or conventional synthetic fertilizers in the farming practices. Why Mendocino? The True Earth wines are made with grapes grown in Mendocino County. Directly north of Sonoma County, Mendocino County begins about 90 miles north of San Francisco. The wine region is bounded by California’s Coastal Mountain Range, the Pacific Ocean, and the great northern redwood forests. Known as “America’s Greenest Region,” Why True Earth? • Organics shoppers are more likely than the average adult 21+ (Source: Quirk’s Marketing Review, December 2007) • The Organic Wine Category is up 59.4% in the 6 months. (Source: AC Neilsen 26 weeks ending 2/09/08) • True Earth is already ranked #10 in the Organic Wine Category after less than a year in the market, as of February 2008. (Source: AC Neilsen 26 weeks ending 2/09/08)

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