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TresTerra Europa Electric Bicycle


Pros: The controls work perfectly

Cons: The OEM batteries failed, but well after the warranty was up

The Europa is heavy, kind of ponderous looking, and seemed a little under powered to me. But my wife and I have ridden two of them for more years now than I can remember with certainty. They always got us there and back from the top of Seattle's Beacon Hill where we live near Spokane St, to city work shopping and recreation destinations as far away as Ballard. If you are even minimally fit,  Europa is adequate for everyday bike transportation.  

I love the way the controls work.  The Tres Terra Europa is safe to ride. It has a twist grip throttle. There is none of the sudden unintended lurching into traffic of the pedal pressure triggered power systems.  You only get power when you twist the grip to dial in the amount you need.  The result is you use less power have greater range, and you only get power when you want power, and then only the amount of power you dial in and you can vary that smoothly and continuously as you ride.  This system is perfect, and has worked perfectly for years and years.

I have been less thrilled with some of the threaded fasteners mounting the fenders.  The metal they thread into is thin and they strip very easily and  the threads cannot be replaced with a nut on the back side because the strut into which the fastener threads is hollow but closed on the end . My front fenders are held on securely with some twisted wire now.  My wife's have not stripped.  My seat post was too short to adjust the seat to my leg length, and a longer one in the right diameter was very hard to find.  Both OEM batteries failed, one of them about two or three years after the two year warrantee was up   The other OEM battery failed this year.  I think we have had the two bikes about 8 years or maybe a little longer. I would love it if they were a little lighter and had a little more power, I am getting old. but no one could ever fault them for their comfort, utility, durability and reliability.  No regrets.


Pros: i want to sell

Cons: not sure of value

please contact me if u r interested in owning one.thank you mary

TresTerra Europa Electric Bicycle

All Tres Terra bicycles, legally speaking, are exactly that - bicycles. Ride them on sidewalks, bike paths, and wherever else bicycles are legally allowed to traverse. Moves like a scooter, rides like a bike! The Europa: - Is easy to operate and maintain. Insert your key, twist the throttle, and you're off! The battery pack is easily removed, and charges from a standard wall outlet (with included charger). The bike is maintained exactly like any other bicycle. You never need to worry about the electrical system - leave that to us and our dealers! :) - Is serviced and sold exclusively through authorized Tres Terra dealers. On the rare chance that your Europa somehow breaks, never fear! Our two-year warranty and trained dealers will have you back on the road in no time - at no cost to you! - Is tested prior to every shipment, and assembled and checked prior to every sale. You don't get a box of parts, you get a bike! - Uses a Lithium-Ion battery, a new and state-of-the-art battery mix for light electric vehicles. All the advantages of standard Lead Acid batteries, but at a fraction of the weight. Less weight means more range!

Weight11 lbs.
Additional FeaturesBattery-powered LED head light and tail light
Fuel Type
Miles per Charge
Recharge Time
Top Speed20 mph
Power400W motor
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Transportation › Electric Bikes › TresTerra Europa Electric Bicycle