Trellis Earth Bioplastic Biodegradable Bags Reviews


Biodegradable Bioplastic made from Corn


Pros: Strong yet commercially compostable

Cons: costs slightly more than petro - plastics

 These products can replace plastic trash bags with a biodegradable product made from non-genetically modified corn.  The company is also researching methods of making the bags from algae and other fast growing plants that will not take away from food sources.   Available in a variety of sizes, so that you don't have to compromise by purchasing a bag that's  too large or too small.  T shirt bags are also available for companies that don't want to give out petro- plastic bags.   Don't be fooled - less than 3% of plastic bags are recycled - and plastic NEVER biodegrades.  This is something that you can easily do to stop filling our landfills with toxic plastics!