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A Review On: Trader Joe's 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

Trader Joe's 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

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Pros: 100% recycle

Cons: to much money

Come on, lets get real. Why do we need to pay more even a little more for recycled paper. It is used stuff??? TJ's toilet paper is 350 total square feet for $3.99. Compare that to Koger's Home Sense at 1388 square feet for $7.49 that is less then 1/2 penny fer square foot compared to TJ's at 1.1 cent per square foot. That is over twice the price????? I don't know if Kroger's is recycled, but I will call their office tomorrow and find out. I want to help our planet by using product over and over again but not at this price. TJ you need to work hard at bringing us 100% recycle paper at a better price.  

Jose in Tucson


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