Trader Joe's 100% Recycled Toilet Paper


Pros: 100% recycle

Cons: to much money

Come on, lets get real. Why do we need to pay more even a little more for recycled paper. It is used stuff??? TJ's toilet paper is 350 total square feet for $3.99. Compare that to Koger's Home Sense at 1388 square feet for $7.49 that is less then 1/2 penny fer square foot compared to TJ's at 1.1 cent per square foot. That is over twice the price????? I don't know if Kroger's is recycled, but I will call their office tomorrow and find out. I want to help our planet by using product over and over again but not at this price. TJ you need to work hard at bringing us 100% recycle paper at a better price.  

Jose in Tucson


its hard to find recycled toilet tissue that doesnt suck. most of the brands on greenoptions aren’t available at my local depots, except i CAN find trader joe’s... well, at trader joes. i just wish there was more option, more availability.

but, i tend to think that the plastic packaging kinda outweighs the recycled tissue content.


Pros: Quilted, soft and white

This is a nice option for green toilet paper and its cheaper than others I have tried.


Pros: Soft, quilted, cheap

Cons: A little less strong than the others

When I looked at this one I thought this is not recycled.  We are trying three brands and this is the one my wife liked @ first sight.  I liked it too, the only con is it did not do as well as the others when wet-did the same when dry.  Loved that it's quilted and soft, which the others weren't-looks whiter too.  It is the cheaspest of all.  Someone said its only 250 sheets per roll-true-but when I did the math per sheet, it still beat the rest.


Pros: recycled, cheap

Cons: plastic packaging, low sheet count

It's really fantastic that this is 100% recycled content - I've been using this brand for months and it has served me well. I dislike the plastic packaging -- it is not recyclable and it is not re-sealable. Also, the rolls are only 250-ct sheets -- that's why it's cheaper than other products in other stores (which have higher sheet counts in some cases).

For my next TP supply, I'm going with 7th Generation's 48 ct box of paper wrapped 500 sheet count rolls - it's shipped in a cardboard box with no plastic packaging for $40 from Amazon. It's definitely a more cost effective and green option (and it's also a high recycled content paper).


Pros: Cheap, high percentage of post-consumer

Cons: Trader Joes is a long way from home! Also- may need a bit more to make up for thinness

We don't live very close to a Trader Joe's, so while we bought a 12 pack once, we haven't boughten another since. I would get it again though, because it is a great deal for eco-TP. It was soft enough and strong enough, it's just not close enough!


Added: We bought a second package of the TJ TP, and this time around I have really noticed that the paper is thinner than your generic non-recycled 2 ply stuff (which was our last batch, due to a TP emergency!  Always remember to buy before you are down to that last roll...).  Now I find that I need to use a couple extra layers to keep the paper from riping while wiping.  I don't remember having this issue the first time around, so I don't know if something's changed or if it's just me, but I plan to try 7G next time we shop.   


Pros: recycled paper, post-consumer content, AFFORDABLE

Cons: NONE

Trader Joes proves that going green and making a positive impact on the environment can be very affordable. The fact that you can get toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper and 80% post-consumer waste for under $4 is incredible. Not to mention the number of trees and amount of energy saved every day by producing this toilet paper! Trader Joes shows that we can all make a difference in our impact on the environment, even when we are going to the bathroom. :)

Trader Joe's 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

Trader Joes' toilet paper is 100% recycled! And 80% post-consumer product, for that matter. The best part is that a 12-pack costs $3.49, compared to that approximate price for a 4-pack at Whole Foods and other favorite over-priced natural food stores.

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