Trader Joe's Organic Fat Free Milk


Pros: Cheep for having the work Organic on the Label

Cons: People really think they are getting the value of their dollar.

These private label groceries stores really need to let their customers know how their food is produced and by whom.  Aroura Dairy in Colorado is a stock yard type dairy that is not truly eco or safe for the animals.  Or is the milk coming from China?  How do we know when our food is contracted for a private label that does not give any info.


Pros: Organic

Cons: Tastes like the rest

It was okay, but it tastes like the rest; it did not have that organic, natural taste to it.


Pros: Great tasting for lattes and such

Cons: TERRIBLE for cappuchino

Just can't make foam with it.  Trader Joes milk is great for people who want a glass of milk, but keep it away from a steaming machine otherwise you are likely to get frustrated.


Cons: no froth

 I mostly use milk for my lattes and cappucinos and Im pretty good at making the foam.  I have a nice espresso machine.  We always buy Horizon or Organic valley fat free milk but decided to give trader joes a try.  It just doesnt froth well.  Ive never had problems with any other milk, even the local bodega fat free milk but trader joes just won't froth.  Im sticking with Horizon.  

Trader Joe's Organic Fat Free Milk

Fat Free Organic milk from Trader Joe's...

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