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Trader Joe's Next to Godliness Dish Soap Reviews

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good effective soap


Pros: biodegradable, cheap, effective, no chemicals

Cons: only available at Trader Joe's!

I haven't used this soap in a while because I don't get to Trader Joe's very often, but I really liked it when I had it. The lavender scent is nice and light, the soap is very effective, and it's biodegradable and doesn't have weird chemicals. It's also nice and cheap, and makes lots of suds, which I like. The only downside is that you can only get it at Trader Joe's. They need to hurry up and build one near my house!

Great Stuff!


Pros: Cleans well, fresh scent

I bought this while I was at Trader Joe's on a whim, because I was almost out of dish soap. The low price and the fact that it was biodegradable drew me to buy it. Needless to say it is very good stuff. It cleans just as well as anything I've used. It also has a great scent that is natural instead of heavy and unnatural like some other brands. The only reason that I don't have it any more is because I didn't make it back to Trader Joe's when I ran out of dish soap again (I replaced it with another eco-friendly dish soap). But I will definitely buy it again!

Cheap and good


Pros: Cheap, it works

Cons: I don't like the bottle

Cheap and good.  TJ Next to Godliness does the job with minimal fuss.  It has a beautiful color and it smells great!

This smells really amazing


Pros: One bottle does a lot of dishes, smells fantastic, good price

Cons: None that I can think of

Both my husband and I are sensitive to chemical perfumes--a majority of scents make us feel headachey and nauseous. No fun. In particular, Dawn and Joy have scents that instantly make me sick. But this soap doesn't. It has a fresh citrus scent that seems very natural. It's not overpowering either, just pleasant. I love this soap.Out of laziness, I put it in a hand soap pump near the kitchen sink, so I only have to refill and clean around one bottle of soap. I use it for hand washing and dishwashing. It does a fine job of both, and doesn't seem to dry out my hands at all.

Nice Product


Pros: low cost, low smell

Light smell, has cleaned up all of our dishes and pans well.  Can't beat the price.

Good dish soap

This is a good dish soap, but I am not fond of the scent and have found other soaps that do a better job. Still a great soap for the money. I still use it for washing my car and other things like that.

good and non-toxic cleaning power


Pros: affordable, not heavily scented, good consistency

Cons: only found at Trader Joe's

I've been liking this dish soap quite a bit because it isn't so "thin."  It has a consistency that allows it to run out of the bottle slowly so you don't risk using too much, more than you need.  The scents are natural and not over -powering.  It lathers up well and cuts through grease easily.  All  in all, I think it is a good product.  And  it eco-friendly too! 

My wife loves it!

My wife loves this stuff... she buys it for us all the time. I like it too, although I really don't feel it is that different than many other dish soaps. And I'm not in love with the kooky name... but hey... whatever sells, right? Still, I'll give it five stars because she likes it so much.
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