Scion Xa Reviews


Sonic the Scion!

I LOVE my Scion.  It's a beautiful little car.  We call it Sonic, since Sconic and Scion are anagrams, and my car is little, fast and blue. ^^  Just like the hedgehog!  We get upwards of 40 mpg, and have barely found anything that doesn't fit in the back with the seat down.  (We even fit a portable dishwasher in there!)  I highly recommend this car to anyone who's buying on a budget and still cares about the environment and saving money in the long run.

Scion XA


Pros: This little car gets 44 MPG on trips and has lots of zip!!

Cons: Ride is a little rough

This is my wife's personal car. She is a teacher and this car is perfect for hauling school stuff and the grandkids. She loves it.