2008 Toyota Prius Base Hybrid Reviews


Very Clean and Green


Pros: mileage, maintenance, and space

Cons: a little bumpy ride

I purchased this car for commuting in Southern California about 18 months ago.   As advertised, it has been a very reliable car.  It averages about 47.5 mpg in a mix of city and freeway driving.  My wife and I both agree that it was a very good purchase, and not just because of the mpg either.  It's fun to drive and has ample space in the back -- more than a Camry, for example.  Prices for the used ' 08 model are very reasonable now.  You could get one for the same price as a new Honda Fit, but you'll be safer in the Prius and you'll pay a lot less for gas.  The Fit gets about 34 mpg...  

Love this car


Pros: fun to drive, great mileage

Cons: no tax credit

Just passed my first anniversary with my Prius. I'm still in love with it.  Gas mileage is fantastic (I average about 43 miles to the gallon), it's fun to drive, and Toyota has been a pleasure to work with.  The buying experience, with a trade in, was less than two hours from the time I drove on the lot with my Tribute and drove off with my Prius.  As well, service has been a breeze, especially with the Toyota coupons that cover everything from oil changes to new windshield wipers.  The only disappointment was that the Prius no longer qualifies for the tax credit.  It appears that they have sold past their quota (which is probably a good thing overall). 

Toyota Prius


Pros: Fuel Economy, Comfort, Style

Cons: Acceleration

A wonderful car for anyone looking to improve their fuel efficiency.

Surprisingly fun to drive


Pros: A tank goes a long way

Cons: odd design choices

I don' t actually own this Prius myself, but I drive my girlfriend's very regularly. While the acceleration leaves a bit to be desired, it's not bad, and that's not the point of the car. I certainly never feel like I'm in danger trying to merge on the freeway or anything. When we've gone on longer trips, I'm always thrilled with the mileage. A tank lasts us forever. The odd design choices I refer to in the "Cons" are the weird bar across the back windshield, and also the shifting/parking process. I don't like that when you shift, it springs back to the central location, then if you want to park, it's push-button. What's wrong...
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