2007 Toyota Prius Base Reviews

Positive Reviews


What a terrific car


Pros: Mileage, cost, roomy

Cons: Get-up-and-go

I'm a student based out of SF, and this car is absolutely perfect for both city driving and longer drives back home down the I-5 to Southern California. The primary reason for my purchasing this vehicle was mileage (it's so awesome -- I add about 10 gallons to my car about every two weeks, and I drive a significant amount for a non-commuting student, i.e. I'll put over 12500 miles on my car this year). The secondary reason was the reasonable cost of this car (I had the impression that Prius's were out of my price range before I actually started researching). Lastly, I wanted something compact but that could accommodate friends/luggage on longer trips. The car as...
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Negative Reviews


Prius T spirit


Pros: reduced road tax in UK

Cons: Very heavy but insubstantial

I am disabled and regret having purchased this car. The vehicle is so heavy that in order to have any chance of obtaining the promised mpg THE TYRES MUST BE CHECKED EVERY WEEK (not easy when you can't bend down!). The bodywork is so lightweight that simply brushing past an ornamental grass causes scratches. I am a careful driver and since purchasing this car I have had a flat battery on 3 occasions. The auto park is a waste of time; before I have ever been able to engage it someone else has parked in the spot. There has dispite many requests NO SUPPORT for the Sat nav.

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Prius rules


Pros: comfortable roomy, fuel efficient, low maintenance, cool features, etc.

Cons: initial price, still uses gas

Currently the Prius is the greenest and most fuel efficient vehicle available. It's also very roomy and has lots of storage space. The hatchback design is great. It's also low maintenance, reasonably affordable, has cool features (like dashboard computer), etc. etc. Basically until plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles become available, the Prius is the best car on the road.

thoughtful car


Pros: fuel economy, hatchback, good handles, great user interface

Cons: low clearance

To expand on the pros - every aspect of this car seems to be thoughtfully designed - from the touch screen interface to the many different storage compartments. The hatchback design is also awesome - you can really fit a lot of stuff in this car. It drives well, and of course it gets great gas mileage. 47mpg seems to be the consensus amongst prius owners who just drive normally. The only drawback that I've come across is the low clearance - it bottoms out pretty easily and can't drive through unplowed snow thats more than a foot or so. I highly recommend this car to any city or suburban driver.

Wonderful vehicle - you won't regret it!


Pros: Handles well, very reliable, great fuel efficiency

I actually own a 2005 Prius but have had the chance to use a 2007. Just like my own car, it can hold quite a bit in it's cargo space. The fuel efficiency really helps when I see that gas costs $3.50 a gallon! And, as the ad says, I would buy another.

i love my prius!


Pros: saving gas, looks cool (compared to my old station wagon, anyway)

Cons: can't fit 3 carseats in the back seat

I had two fears about the Prius- capacity for vacations with the whole family and our stuff; and whether I (5') and my husband (6' 2") could both be comfortable in a relatively non-adjustable seat.No problems on both accounts!I'm averaging around 50 mpg...

We love our Prius!


Pros: Great gas mileage, comfortable, lots of room

Cons: Took long time to get fixed after accident

We purchased our Prius in May of 2007 and we have been very happy with it. It gets great gas mileage and it's very comfortable and roomy. The only downside we have encountered is that after hitting a large deer, the car was out of commission for 6 weeks (which at the time was longer than we had actually owned the car). Apparently it took a long time to get replacement parts. Aside from the long wait time, we have not had any other issues. We feel that we've made a good decision and have hopefully encouraged others to do the same.

Love my Prius


Pros: Excellent mileage, electronic 'gadgets' nice, lots of cargo space with the rear seat down

Cons: Get very noisy on uphills

I get 47-50MPG - the beauty of the Prius is the instant feedback mechanism through the consumption monitor. After a while, you realize that your driving habits change, and that you no longer feel the need for speed or breathtaking acceleration (coming from someone who traded in his BMW Z4 3.0 for the Prius). The Prius is also a very practical car - I have made several trips to Ikea and Home Depot with it, and have hauled back large flat-packed furniture and lumber - a dresser, a kid's bed, lumber to build a raised bed planter,...

A neat little trick...

I am not sure if this works for later Prius models, but here is a trick on the 2004 to overide the GPS safety feature that won't let you change or add a destination while your car is in motion: Go the volume setting on your screen (Dashboard Menu button to "Volume.") Then touch the top left portion of the screen, then bottom left, then top left again and then the bottom left one last time-- it will show you a new screen you've never seen before with lots of crazy 'buttons' (for the manufacturer.) You then hold (touch) the "Override" button for a couple seconds 'till you hear a beep. Then you hit the back button in the upper right hand...
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Very comfortable, efficient, fantastic car!


Pros: fuel economy, quiet ride, comfortable/roomy interior, great AC/heating

Cons: costs a little too much for my budget...

I wish I owned a Prius...and while I don't own one, I have had extensive time to drive one. And I love it. It's a great car. Sure, it doesn't go 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds...and sure, some may tell you it's ugly (I disagree on this point), but it's a very reliable car and the fuel efficiency is great. Some say the mileage sticker is far too ambitious but I've gotten up to 62 mpg (with a 50 mpg average). Now all I need is for the price tag to come down and for the plug-ins to be released in the US!

I can't believe I was able to buy a Prius!


Pros: GREAT gas mileage, comfortable, smooth ride

Cons: Windshield has some sort of flaw that makes the road wavy!

Went car shopping thinking to get a used Yaris, Fit, or Versa - that was our price range - but we found this gem at a Mazda dealership that happened to be right next to a Toyota dealership - they hadn't been able to sell it due to the fact that right next door, they could get a 2007 that was Toyota Certified.  We got them down and even though the price is more than we were prepared to pay, with the savings in gas, it more than makes up for it!  We love it.