2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid


Pros: Double the mileage of my last car. Comfortable. Cool display.

Cons: Bluetooth won't synch with Treos 700 or less

I am a realtor. It's customary for realtors to have SUVs or big European cars, and I didn't want to join in that game, so I went looking at hybrids. My Camry is roomy, runs smoothly with good pick-up, and has enough trunk space for my open house signs and all the other 'stuff' that I have to carry around for my work. The Trip Information display helps to visually keep track of mileage, and the whole electronic display is well thought out and easy to use, not to mention very cool. (The Nav screen tilts up into the dash to allow loading of CDs.( I haven't been able to use the Bluetooth, as the Nav system doesn't recognize my Treo. Best of all, even in a job that takes a lot of driving, I'm only filling up about once every 3 to 4 weeks.That's better than twice the milage of my previous crossover vehicle. Gotta love the environmental savings as well as the wallet relief .


Pros: have 58000 miles on it average mpg is between 38-41 mpg, still have original tires, ride is superior, like gps and bluetooth

Cons: cost to update map on navigation system

Very comfortable car to ride in.  Has more power then I thought it would.  Because of the big difference in price between standard camry xle with same options, you do have to own car a long time or drive a lot of miles in a year to offset the price difference.  Since it really does not have a transmission there is no shifting.  the engine break function works great.  I would by another one anytime


Pros: Great mileage, comfortable, nice looking

I have 60,000 mile on my Camry Hybrid, and absolutely love it! I average 40-43 mpg. I have gotten up to 48.5 on a flat highway! I think it is the best car out there. My car is has all of the options except the GPS. I have not had any problems with anything at this point. I did put new tires on it at about 35,000 miles because the tires that were on it are high performance tires, I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I needed the all weather tires for the winter snow. I travel a lot, and the mileage is great, it's comfortable, reliable, booth tooth is great, (can't imagine trying to juggle a phone while driving), and the keyless entry and keyless start are about the best thing I've ever had. No more worries about leaving the key in the car, or losing your keys!  Overall, an excellent car!


I was really excited to buy the Hybrid.  It is incredibly quiet and the technology is wonderful.  It is hard to tell when you are going back and forth from the battery.  However, the gas mileage has been a huge disappointment in the 2 years I have owned the car.  Although represented on the sticker as getting 37/43 MPG, I have never gotten better than 30MPG in the City.  On long road trips, I have gotten 38 MPG.  But that is about the best I ever get, and in my opinion the MPG sticker was grossly overstated.


On the other hand, there is no reason not to own one.  Its mileage is probably better than many other models I would have chosen. 


One other negative is that I don't like the visibility out of the front and rear dashboard, but I may just be used to my Volvo in that regard.  And finally, the quality of the paint and the rear bumper are fragile and easily scratched.


Pros: MPG, features, style

Was hesitant to purchase the 2008 Camry. Hybrids seem like iPods, as soon as you purchase one an upgraded version comes on the market. However, the Camry hybrid has exceeded my expectations. It promised 34mpg but we currently get between 38 and 40mpg. The BlueTooth is fabulous and there is plenty of room for our family of four. The only areas of opportunity are for the navigation, the instruction manual is longer than the car's manual and the passenger seat sensors can be a bit touchy. The "no seat belt" warning alarm goes off when a bag or backpack is placed on it. Other than that, no complaints.

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

America's best-selling car is redesigned for 2007 with new styling, more power and features, and, for the first time, a gas/electric-hybrid model. Camry's overall length is unchanged vs. the 2002-2006 generation, but wheelbase grows 2.2 inches and height decreases 1 inch. Curtain side airbags are now standard instead of optional. The Hybrid teams a 4-cyl gas engine with a battery-powered electric motor for 187 hp. Like Toyota's other hybrids, it runs on one or both of its power sources depending on driving conditions and requires no plug-in charging. It uses a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). ABS is standard on all Camrys. So are front side airbags, curtain side airbags, and, for the first time, a driver knee airbag. The Hybrid adds traction/antiskid control, which is available for other models.

Engine2.4L I4
Additional FeaturesFront and Rear Side Head Curtain Airbags; Electronic Brake Assistance
Fuel Economy Hwy (MPG)38
Fuel TypeHybrid - Electric
Fuel Economy City (MPG)40
Body TypeSedan
Release Date
Release Status
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC