2007 Toyota Yaris S Reviews


2007 Yaris


Pros: great milage

Cons: leaking AC

We bought a 2007 yaris for our college going son last summer, drives , great , great millage.This may the Ac started leaking into the front passeger side floor, the dealer told him it was a clog onthe line, we paid $150 for repairLast week it started leaking again , the dealer is charging $1650 to remove the dash panel and unclog the line, they say its not covered by warranty .Is this a know issue?I am really disappointed

Give it a year or two


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Small, even for the price

A friend bought a Yaris about a month before I bought my Toyota Scion XA. For about $2k more, the Scion seats 4 adults (as opposed to 2) and gets comparable gas mileage. It's been rock solid for the first 30k miles too. My friend Yaris, on the other hand, was in the shop for weeks after the fuel pump failed. The part was defective, and had to be shipped from Japan. Hopefully they'll get the kinks worked out for the '08 model.