2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited 4X2 Reviews


Highlander is a good SUV but...not a Prius!


Pros: A big strong vehicle

Cons: Overrated on its gas saving ability

I rented a Highlander when my Prius was getting a body fix (bad driving me).  I really liked the comfort of the vehicle but for me not worth the sacrifice in economy.  My Prisuses are very comfortable and loaded with as many extras as the Highlanders but with a good 10 miles or more per gallon.  Not even close.

Highlander Hybrid


Pros: Smooth Ride, Comfortable, Quiet and overall a better car than a traditional

Cons: Thought it would get a little better gas mileage, you really have to work it to get 29-30 MPG

I really like the Highlander. It has good pick up when needed and fun to drive. It handles very well and has great pick-up on the highway. I was surprised how much you had to work to get 29 - 30 MPG.

Love My Highlander


Pros: Comfort, quiet, fuel economy, room

Cons: 3rd row is small and cramped, no separate a/c/heat controls in middle row

I really love my Highlander. It is peppy and fun to drive. It was such a nice change from driving a minivan for 10 years. We actually have the '06 V-6 all-wheel drive to tow our small fishing boat. It handles very well and has great pick-up on the highway. That said, the 3rd row is almost useless except on short trips with small kids sitting there. I also wish there were heating and cooling vents and controls for the middle seats. Those two things are really my only gripes.