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Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet


Pros: sleek

Cons: constantly dirty, not easy to install, expensive, warranty could be better

We've just purchased this toilet on the recomendation of the sales people. Big mistake. Do you research, don't believe sales people. They clearly never bothered googling this model's reviews.

Can't comment on installation, our contractor did it, but given the time it took, it probably wasn't fun, like most of the people are saying.

The full flash doesn't flash the number 2 unless you use some precision aiming to get right at the center where the water is. And trust me, it's not easy. And for children - forget it. And for emptying a potty with number 2 as not to soil the bowl - forget it, have to clean every time, for me, means cleaning toilet once or more a day, not exactly my dream.


Think about your guests too - if you don't want them to clean after themselves or hire a cleaning person for the party to check after each guest - then don't get this toilet. 

Mind you, that frequent cleaning wastes water.


Very disappointed, still trying to get this removed from our house at the least of the cost. 

Yes, it does look pretty nice - but you know what, with unwashed **** inside the bowl even the best toilet looks bad to say the least.


I'm all for green, but in this case all I can say: Get yourself a normal toilet and don't flash after small number ones (well, when there are not guests that is) or better yet, don't take long showers or frequent baths - you'll save more water that way.


Pros: Water savings, thorough flush, flushes cleanly, sleek look, easier to clean

Cons: Buttons a bit touchy about lining up with interior tank buttons.

We've had this only a week so far.  As of now we really like this toilet.  That's a good thing since we bought two.  We replaced two 30 year old toilets.  I'm anticipating to save a lot of water.  These flush very thoroughly and cleanly.  I have read complaints about residue left over, but I don't see this being any more of a problem then in our regular toilet.  I love the look of it as well.  Very sleek and clean lines.  There aren't any of those nooks and crannys like in traditional shaped toilets.  Great idea.  It is an expensive toilet, but any dual flush will be.  I expect prices to drop in the future.  We have a well, so we don't pay for water, but we do pay for the electricity to run the pump.  I hope to see our electric bill go down.  As of now I recommend this toilet with an enthusiastic thumbs up.


Pros: Stylish, low water use, very strong flush, quick refilling.

Cons: Requires sessions with a toilet brush.

I replaced two of the three toilets at my mother's house with these dual flush toilets. The city utility offers a generous rebate for installing dual flush toilets, so we almost made a profit installing them.

Installation was somewhat more complicated than I anticipated. Nothing a professional plumber would have trouble with, but I was a little surprised to have to drill holes into the concrete subfloor. Ask your plumber to glue a strip of rubber sheeting (or something similar) to the underside of the base, especially if the floor is not perfectly flat. This will prevent wobbling and chipping.

This toilet has a violently powerful flush. The 1.6 gallons are in and out of the bowl in about a second, maybe two. Those turds don't stand a chance. Even the 0.9 gallon low-flush option is vigorous enough for a medium-size duce.

I have two operational complaints :

(1) All toilets have the turd-stickage problem, but this model is worse than typical. Get yourself a small toilet brush, and keep it handy. I've never understood why toilet bowls aren't coated with teflon. Maybe an ocasional shot of Pam cooking oil would help keep things sliding along.

(2) Make sure the tank lid is aligned properly, or the buttons can get stuck in the "on" position. This will let the whole tank drain into the bowl, and waste a bunch of water.

Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet

Decorative, high profile two piece toilet. Dual flush (1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF) performance option to allow apporiate water usage. Tank cover, fittings, chrome plated push button, less seat.

Additional FeaturesDual-Max flushing system, push button style flush
Gallons per Flush (primary)1.6
Bowl Shapeelongated
Gallons per Flush (secondary)0.9
Pressure Assisted
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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