Toro Snow Thrower


Pros: Gets the job done

Cons: All plastic, tethered by a cord, snow chute only stays in one position

Last year we dealt with the terrible Iowa winter storms with only a full sized shovel and a car/kids shovel and it was miserable. It took forever to clear all of the snow and we eventually ended up with only one path shoveled in our driveway and our sidewalks rarely cleared. This year we decided to try a snow blower, but hated the idea of mixing gas and sending fumes into the air.


We bought the Toro electric snow blower and have used it twice already. It works well with the 1-2 inches that we have used it on so far and is a significant upgrade from shoveling. It takes a lot less time and our backs aren't aching. If you happen to have a gas powered snow blower already, it would probably feel like a significant downgrade because it's so light. We have also had a problem with the plastic snow "chute" that is supposed to be adjustable to aim the snow. This doesn't stay in any of the lower positions, so the snow always goes high into the air to be at the whim of the wind. We will be looking into modification options to remedy this. It would be nice if a battery operated snow blower existed to get rid of the cord tether, but we're happy with this one for now.

Toro Snow Thrower

Eco-Friendly. No gas, no oil, no maintenance. Toro packs a surprising amount of power into a compact, lightweight machine. Environmentally friendly, quick to maneuver and easy to store, electric snow blowers are ideal for small spaces.

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