Topline Worm Factory Reviews


Love My Little Worm Ranch


Pros: Small space, free fertilizer, keep organic stuff out of land fill water treatment plants.

Cons: Not Cheap

I love this set-up. I used to have a home-made worm habitat that was heavy and bulky and ugly - but it WORKED. Then TopLine had a sale and I got my new sleek designed multi-level worm farm. It makes harvesting the liquid fertilzer MUCH easier, and soon I will have some composted soil to kick-start my garden. I keep it inside so my worms stay busy year-round, they just slow down a little in winter. I gave my old worm farm to my sister along with all the livestock she needed. Worms are very industrius and not stinky at all. I look forward to many years of composting and free fertilizer from this little 16" square footprint unit. I got it less than 3 months ago and I am already expanding the...
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