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Tom's of Maine Natural Original Deodorant Stick Reviews

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Tom's Deodorant (Apricot)


Pros: Smells nice, no alluminum

Cons: Use a lot for "coverage" beceause using a little doesn't seem to keep all day; finishes quickly

This was the deodorant I switched to over a year ago when I discovered the link between anti-perspirants and breast cancer.  I semi-liked it but didn't love it; I continued using it because, out of a few other organic deodorants I had tried, this one seemed to cover smell for at least half the day (though, it definitely fails to combat odor after any physical activity).  Also, at the end of the day when I'd change, I'd smell the underarms of my top and discover a less-than-fresh smell - this is becuase the fragrance doesn't combat the odor itself; it only masks it for a while.  When I checked it out on EWG' skin deep (see website), I saw it had a 5 due to some funny ingredieants - mainly...
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Pros: Gentle, smells good, works well, aluminum free

I have eczema, and I found most deodorants irritated my skin too much to use. This is the only brand that I have found that I can use without causing a rash. Smells nice too! Right now we have the unscented stick, which has "botanical hops to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and zinc ricinoleate to absorb odor." Works well.

Good all natural product


Pros: Natural, no harmful chemicals

Cons: Suds if underarms a even slightly damp, doesn't last 24hrs as advertised

I used to sweat a lot, even during the winter with it was below zero and I was just standing outside!  So I kept going to a "stronger" anti-perspirant but I continued to sweat, more sometimes. Something seemed wrong, so I quit using deodorant all together (calm down :) I just took another shower if I started to smell).  The deodorant with anti-perspirant was the problem!  Tom's was the only deodorant I could find that didn't have anti-perspirant cooked into it.

Fresh Smell


Pros: Smells great, nice eco-friendly solution

Cons: Doesn't last long

This is one of the better eco-friendly deodorants that I've used. I bought the Calendula Orignal stick. Like the other reviewers have said, it doesn't last too long. At the end of the day it smells less than fresh. Not the best for full protection, but does the job for regular day-time use.

My choice for years


Pros: aluminum free, gentle smell, glides on

Cons: could last a little longer

I found Tom's Deodorant when I decided back in the day that I wanted an aluminum-free deodorant. I love Tom's, especially for their fragrance, which is light and pleasant—not overpowering, as other deordorant fragrance can be. Tom's is sufficient for a full day of office exertion, maybe a little light for a full day's vineyard sweat, but then again, we all go home a little smelly from the vineyard!

Love the scent, doesn't last all day


Pros: Smells wonderful

Cons: runs out

I LOVE the way this stuff smells (I use the Apricot) and it feels great going on (just glides on.)  The only issue is that my brand of BO may just be a bit too strong for it to handle for an entire day. Maybe I'll keep an extra stick at the office to re-up mid day... Anyway, I'm happy to use it because the ingredient lists on conventional anti-perspirants are absolutely terrifying, so I'm ok with a little sweat and a little odor to hopefully not infuse my body with too many harmful chemicals.

Great for light sweaters


Pros: Uncommon, wonderful scents, doesn't get on clothes

Cons: Kinda pricey, may not be so good if you need extra protection

As much as one can swear by a deodorant, I do by Tom's. Compared to some of the big brands, the fragrances are calmer and much more plant-based. If you prefer a lavender or a lemongrass to a "pure sport" or "original," which may smell pleasant, but was obviously just cooked up in some lab, then Tom's is a great choice. I have some friends who sweat more than I do and they seem to find that Tom's wears off after a couple of hours and then they're just left with a truly natural aroma. I've not found this to be a problem. However, I would encourage a trial run if you think sweat a lot. Finally, this stuff is relatively expensive. Compared to the brands that come in a 3-pack for less...
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Works okay

Works alright as long as you aren't sweating much. Sitting at a desk all day in air conditioning is fine but outside in Texas heat for a little bit and I start to stink. Would prefer a rollon clear vs a solid.
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