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Tom's of Maine Natural Whole Care Toothpaste Gel


Pros: Wonderful Flavor! Excellent Mouth Feel! Works Better Than Commericial Brands

Cons: None...

I first forayed into the realm of natural products with body care products, such as this oral care toothpaste from Tom's of Maine. I have to admit that I've been hooked on this product and many other natural care products, not only for their eco-chicness, but also for how well they work in comparison to commercial brands!

This toothpaste is an opaque gel and smells phenomenal (I highly recommend the cinnamon-clove). While brushing, this product produces a very nice foaming action that gets into all the areas of your teeth and helps to remove surface stains while deep cleaning between teeth to leave your breath fresh and clean. Since this product uses natural silica gel, instead of clay, as the abrasive for cleaning your teeth, there is no caking feeling after rinsing. Additionally, all ingredients in this product are explained in terms of purpose and origin on the side of the box. This means that you will know exactly what you are buying and where everything came from prior to use.

I've tried lots of different types of toothpaste and this is the only product that I've used I actual feel works and want to buy again!

For those of you who wish not to use fluoride, Tom's of Maine recently introduced this total care toothpaste along side their more traditional non-fluoride offerings. Tom's of Maine is a fantastic company and produces some excellent products! Try this one out for yourself, you will not be sorry!


Pros: cleans & polishes teeth well

Cons: Yowza, that cinnamon flavor is HOT!

I love Tom's of Maine.  We've used their mint toothpaste for several years now--it does a great job of cleaning & polishing teeth, and I think it's particularly important to go natural when you're literally putting the stuff in your mouth. 


A few weeks ago, though, we somehow ended up with a cinammon-flavored tube.  I tried it out one morning, still half asleep, and YOWZA, did it wake me up!  When they say cinammon, man, they mean it! I mean, I like spicy food and all...just...maybe not spicy toothpaste.  And maybe not in the morning.


That said...maybe all that excess blood flow is good for your gums? 


Pros: fluride free

Cons: the freshness could last longer

 The product is awesome. I did not want to start my morning with a mouthful of fluride. I went with this product. It does not have any unsafe flurides or unwanted chemical. It also removed my tooth sensitivty in a weeks time.


Pros: Very good toothpaste. Get NonFluoride.

Cons: They make a fluoride toothpaste.

A very good nonfluoride toothpaste and organic.  Very nontoxic.


Pros: Great taste, Leaves Mouth Feeling Clean

Couldn't be happier, it tastes wonderful and keeps my teeth clean. My Wife even loved it who is picky with toothpastes.


Pros: Great flavors, foams nicely, environmentally friendly

Cons: More expensive than crest/colgate/etc.

When I first tried Tom's of Main toothpaste years ago, I remember it being a tasteless, unpleasant affair. Then I borrowed my friend's Tom's orange-mango toothpaste gel and my toothbrushing world was changed! For a while that was the only kind I would use, and then I tried the fennel paste, and switched to that, because it foams more than the gels do. Recently, I saw that they had a new "SLS-free" version (that is, without sodium lauryl sulfate), so I tried that. Something is a little different about the flavor, I think, and I don't like that kind as much. But that's the only downside I've seen with any of the Tom's of Maine toothpastes. I wholeheartedly recommend them!


just used this spearmint version over the weekend -- was a friend's -- and it was fantastic. great clean feeling. would definitely use alongside my regular "kiss my face"


Pros: feels light/clean tastes great!

Cons: None

I can't say enough about the cinnamon clove! it's by far the best toothpaste I've ever used. It's the only one i'll buy. Finding it now at walmart for about $4, costs more at whole foods or other specialty stores, but it's worth paying the extra.

Tom's of Maine Natural Whole Care Toothpaste Gel

Natural Whole Care™ Toothpaste Gel Size: 5.5 oz Flavors: Cinnamon-Clove, Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange-Mango Also available as a paste. Our Whole Care™ toothpaste gel helps maintain good oral health by delivering cavity prevention, tartar control, whitening, and clean, fresh flavor using only natural ingredients. Whole Care™ also delivers on our belief in the inherent worth of people and nature by using recycled packaging and giving back 10% of profits and 5% of paid employee time to communities. * Refreshing natural flavor. Real flavor oils, not artificial sweeteners like saccharin, leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. * Fights cavities. Naturally sourced fluoride remineralizes soft spots on teeth before they turn into cavities. * Controls tartar. Zinc citrate, a naturally occurring mineral, interferes with the calcification of plaque into tartar. * Gentle whitening. Natural silica (derived from sand) improves cleaning and gently whitens without bleaching ingredients or harsh abrasives.

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