Tom's of Maine Natural Moisturizing Hand Soap Reviews


Unscented & sudsy option for sensitive skin


Pros: good for sensitive skin; super sudsy; cleans well; lasts a long time

Cons: the pump isn't super (can dispense too much & can get clogged towards the end)

This soap is a super option for people with sensitive skin.  My only (slight) complaint is that it works too well--you only need 1/3 of the amount that a single squirt gives you, unless you are seriously dirty.  I try to remember to be sparing with my squirting, but half the time I forget, and then I end up with suds all over the sink.  Hehe.  Even with a full squirt each time, the bottle does last a long time. Tip: For those of you, like me, who have sensitive skin and still like to smell nice--after I get the soap quantity down about an inch, I put a few drops of lavender into the dispenser, give it a really good stir, and have lavender-scented sensitive-skin soap.  Obviously this only...
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