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Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste


Pros: Natural, mild flavor, cleans well

I think my favorite thing about this toothpaste is that if you happen to eat something shortly after brushing your teeth, you don't get the strong yuck factor you do with most toothpastes! This is due to the exceptionally mild flavor of most Tom's toothpastes (some are stronger than others...). This is a little hard to get used to at first, but after using Tom's for a couple of weeks you won't notice the weaker flavor anymore. Works well, many flavors to choose from (including strawberry and apricot), it's more expensive than most toothpaste but a tube lasts so long, that the price difference is probably just pennies a day.


Pros: makes my mouth feel fresh and clean

Cons: doesn't have the minty aftertaste of 'regular' toothpastes

I love this toothpaste because it makes me mouth feel very fresh and clean, and I can pronounce all the ingredients on the package. The only problem is that I'm used to the strong minty taste left in my mouth after using 'regular' toothpastes. Other than needing to use gum now to get that taste, I think this toothpaste is great.


Pros: Tastes good, mouth feels clean

Cons: nada

I reviewed this a long time ago and realized that I had accidentally reviewed the wrong toothpaste. Recently I got my hands on this toothpaste and have to say I don't really love it. First off, it leaves my mouth feeling really dry afterwards, and not particularly clean.


Other than that, I checked and it includes sodium laureth sulfate.


Pros: Old school tube, natural, fresh, clean

Cons: none

This toothpaste was easy to transition into my daily routine. When I went from being a "Normal" to a "Whole Foods" shopper I soon realized I wasnt going to just change my food, but my products as well. This toothpaste is a little more expensive but is well worth it. Works like a charm, no problems to date, and I have been buying it for a few years now.


Pros: good consistency, not too flavored

This tooth paste has natural ingredients, flavors to choose from and is easy in the earth. 


Pros: Natural, cleansing

Cons: The taste is a bit shocking to those used to conventional toothpastes

This toothpaste probably gets the job done, but is unsweetened - that is not really a legitimate "con" but somehow makes the mouth feel less clean than with conventional toothpastes. Advice to parents: introduce your kids to this before the sweetened stuff!


Pros: does the job

Cons: has a hard time with morning breath

I like Toms and I'll buy it again. I'm not too wild on the flavor I chose, but I'll try something else next time. I did find that Toms has a hard time coping with my morning breath, but some mouth wash or a quick tongue scrub takes care of that. Actually, it might be healthier this way instead of allowing my to neglect my poor tongue.

I also like that it's not too sweet. I think there's something wrong when toothpaste tastes like candy.


Pros: Natural and Fresh-Tasting

Cons: Taste takes a little bit of time to get used to

I love Tom's of Maine and buy nothing else. I have really sensitive skin so regular toothpaste dries out the area around my mouth. Tom's of Maine doesn't do this and leaves my mouth sparkling clean. I just went for my regular dental cleaning and the dentist said my mouth looked great -- thanks to Tom's of Maine! This toothpaste is not as sweet as Crest, etc., but once you get used to it, it's hard to go back! Love it!


Pros: More natural than other big brands.

Cons: Doesn't leave my mouth feeling all that fresh.

I have the cinnamon's okay...but I probably won't purchase in the future.

Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

Natural Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste Sizes and flavors: 6 oz: Peppermint Baking Soda, Spearmint Made with effective ingredients, our toothpastes are flavored with natural oils for great taste. We include the active ingredient sodium monofluorophosphate, sourced from calcium fluoride to safely clean and help prevent cavities. And, as always, no artificial sweeteners (like saccharin), preservatives or dyes.

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