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To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set


Pros: Study and bacterial free.

I love these utensils.  I didn't buy the Conserve as shown above but I bought the RePEaT set on MavoPavo.  I also sprung for the lunchbox. Love it and I use it for my left overs when I eat out.


Pros: Beautiful cases, made from bamboo

I bought these To Go Ware sets two years ago the the SF Green Festival for Christmas presents. THey're really great. They come with a fork, spoon, knife, and chop sticks all wrapped up in a little carrying case with pretty designs. They are very light weight and they're much nicer to use than plastic! Perfect for picnics.


Pros: perfectly packaged for work, and on the go

Cons: no cons

Hello, I purchased this set a few months ago and am very happy with it.  I take it absoutly everywhere with me and love how strong and durable the bamboo is.

Now if only I had seen it on I would have been able to purchase it for 40% off, but regardless, it is worth the full price that I paid.


Pros: Not plastic, reusable, bamboo, carrying case

Cons: A little clumsy to use, knife isn't (duh) sharp, fork is isn't great for salad

I love the idea of this set, but actually using them is not quite as good as the idea.  I ate a salad with my set and toward the end nearly resorted to my fingers.  I would definitely pick these over plastic no matter what.  Maybe I should have resorted to the chop sticks. 


Pros: Reusable, made from bamboo, pretty little cases

Cons: Chopsticks slip out sometimes

I got one of these To-Go Ware sets last year at the SF Green Festival.  At that point, they only had the WEAVE sets available, so that's the kind I have.  I'm a fan, for sure.  I really like using bamboo utensils over plastic (and while biodegradable stuff is handy don't have to worry about your spoon melting or curling when you stick it in your hot coffee).  The cases for the utensils are also quite beautiful and I appreciate the socially conscious aspect of them (i.e. sourcing the WEAVE cases from a women's cooperative in Burma).  And it's a bonus that you get chopsticks too.


Now, just a little hint for those of you with a WEAVE case...I'd recommend double knotting the tie.  If you just loosely single knot it, your utensils are prone to slipping out (and the tie is thick enough that there's very little worry of double-knotting and not being able to untie it again).  Oh, and the only other drawback is that the bowl of the spoon isn't very deep so it doesn't make the best soup spoon.  But on the whole, I would definitely recommend them.

To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set

This utensil set from To-Go Ware is a toolkit to help reduce your ecological footprint and keep you connected to the world. Enjoy eating with organic utensils made of bamboo, which is highly durable and can be grown and harvested sustainably. "Throwaway" plastic cutlery consists of petrochemicals harmful to the environment, as well as contributing to wasteful habits that feed the landfill rather than nourishing our lives. To-Go Ware Bamboo Flatware & Chopsticks –Heat and stain resistant, won't impart or absorb flavors –Lightweight, strong and long lasting –Hand finished with top grade natural, food-safe wood oil Sets available: bamboo flatware set (fork, spoon, knife), WEAVE sets (brown, red, black), CONSERVE sets More about To-Go Ware WEAVE sets: In addition, the holder itself has been produced by WEAVE, a women's cooperative on the Thai-Burma border. By purchasing this utensil set, you will have contributed to their advancement and empowerment, and made a positive impact to global community. More about To-Go Ware CONSERVE sets: The unique holder for this utensil set has been produced by CONSERVE, an NGO project in Delhi. It is made entirely of recycled plastic! CONSERVE employs ragpickers to collect discarded plastic bags and repurposes them into incredible designs and products. More about To-Go Ware RePEaT sets: We’ve got our travel mugs and our reusable shopping bags. How about a bamboo utensil set to round out the perfect toolkit for life on the go? A handy carabiner on the back lets you clip and carry a fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks wherever they may roam. Perfect for a busy lifestyle and our precious planet. RePEaT utensil holders give plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life – and an opportunity to stay out of our landfills. Made out of RPET (recycled PET plastic), we like to call it “RePEaT” because it lets plastic reincarnate into something kinder and gentler.

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