Tide Coldwater Laundry Detergent


Pros: cold water saves energy, works as well as normal detergent

Cons: hard to find, a pit pricey

I first bought a box of Tide Coldwater at Target and was very happy with it. It saves a ton of energy by not requiring hot water (up to 80% of energy use per load), and it works just as well as any other detergent. It does cost a bit more. Target stopped carrying it and I couldn't find Coldwater in any store, so I had to buy it from Amazon, and had to buy 3 boxes of it. So it ended up costing $17 per box for 63-load boxes (146 oz).

So I've got enough Tide Coldwater to last me for ages, but that's fine, because I like the stuff. Can't complain about effective laundry soap that saves 80% on energy.

One thing to watch out for is to make sure you use the cold water cycle. My sister-in-law once used it in the regular warm water cycle, not knowing it was coldwater detergent, and ended up with soap residue on all her clothes.


For those claiming this product deserves 0 stars because it's not 100% green, I think that shows a degree of snobbery, to be blunt.  Many laundry detergents don't work well in cold water.  Saving 80% of the energy per laundry cycle is extremely green.  Could it be greener by being biodegradable and without petrochemicals?  Sure.  But does that mean it's not green at all?  Absolutely not.  Especially since a lot of people trust Tide and don't know about greener detergents.  Would you prefer they continue using warm water to wash their clothes, or at least switch to cold water?


Pros: smells great and works wonders

Cons: none

I have always loved Tide, but when they came out with cold wash I was a bit sceptible. I went ahead and purchased it and have been hooked ever since. I love the smell since it never changed, but I wash my clothes in nothing but cold water and the results are great. I actually see the difference in the softness and overall "non" shrinking and fading of clothing. I would recomend this product to anyone.


Pros: none - this is greenwashing

Cons: plastic packaging, special soap is not required for washing in cold water

FIVE STARS?? Folks - you have GOT to be kidding me. You actually shell out money for this.

Tide Coldwater is not biodegradeable nor is it petrochemical free. It is just another clever corporate attempt to green wash a product by responding to customer research. People say they want to save money on washing clothes and they are willing to use cold water. So, Tide responds by promoting a product that is supposedly designed for washing in cold water.

Guess what? It's bogus. Just wash your clothes in cold water anyway and buy biodegradable soap that doesn't have petrochemicals in it. It makes your clothes last longer and will save you money.

If you really want to save money -- hang stuff up to dry. It might be difficult if you live in a place with no yard, but you'd be surprised how many things you can put on hangers and leave on the shower bar when you go to work in the morning. In the winter, rain and a lack of light make it difficult for me to put stuff out on the line so I hang up sheets over open doors (I've already cleaned them off), all pants, tshirts, dresses, socks and underwear go on hangers, leaving only things like towels and blankets to go in the dryer.

Finally - don't run a load of clothes in the washer unless you have a full load, but don't over pack it or stuff won't get clean and you'll waste water and energy if you have to run it again to get out undissolved chunks of soap.

Alternatively - you could make your own laundry detergent. Here's a link to some recipes:

For the recipes, if you are looking for “washing soda”, it is also known as “soda ash” and is used quite often in textile dyeing. It can be found at art supply stores, JoAnn Fabrics, and other places that sell textile products. See: http://www.dharmatrading.com/ (1 lb soda ash $1.69, 10 lbs $9.69, 25 lbs $19.95)


I love Tide, so when I discovered their coldwater detergent I was pleased as punch. I've saved so much by washing everything cold! It works as well as regular tide, I'd say. I love that it cleans as well as on a hotwater setting, too.


I started buying this right after it came out and used it until we switched to Charlie's Soap about two years ago.


I really did like the change this made in my laundry and it did a great job.  We stopped using it because we wanted an unscented detergent and then we were having a baby and going to be doing cloth diapers and so moved on.


I really do recommend it for the convenience of finding it in the store and if you don't mind scented detergent.


Pros: none

Cons: NOT a green product

I am quite surprised to see this item on Green Home. Green?? Not even close. Those reviewing this with high marks must not understand what "environmentally friendly" really is. I agree with Jenn, your clothes will look better longer if you wash in cold and get yourself a proper biodegradable laundry product. Hang to dry when possible or dry on low heat. I thought this website was devoted to all things green so I'm really not sure how glowing reviews could be here for such a non-green item.


Pros: use for all washables

This is the only detergent that I use. I absolutely love it for everything, from delicates to sheets and towels. No need to wash in any other temperature which helps save money.

Tide Coldwater Laundry Detergent

Save up to 80% of energy per load by washing in cold with Tide(R) Coldwater.* * Based on conversion from warm/cold to cold/cold cycle and using a vertical axis machine with electric water heater set at 140ºF. Tide® Coldwater provides a deep clean in the care of cold water. When used in a cold water wash, Tide Coldwater can: • Remove even stubborn stains better than the leading competitive liquid detergent in warm water • Save energy and money by lowering your heating bills • Help colors stay bright and whites stay white • Provide a cool scent experience Tide Coldwater comes in both liquid and powder formulas, a variety of convenient sizes, and two scents. See which one is right for you: Mountain Spring — A blend of crisp and tart citrus and green floral Fresh Scent — a modern floral scent combined with fresh, crisp herbal notes

Size100, 150, 200, 300 oz
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