Thermos Stainless Steel Briefcase Bottle Reviews




Pros: quality & long life

 Tops as they have been forever

Don't burn your tongue


Pros: keeps coffee very hot, made with stainless steel

Cons: still involves some plastic...but at least you're not drinking from that part really

This Thermos bottle is incredibly handy. If you're on the go at all, you don't always have the option to tote around a mug with an open top. Sometimes you need to throw your bottle in your bag or keep a top sealed on tight so you don't risk spilling in the car - whatever your reasoning, sometimes a top does you right. That's one of the great things about this Thermos. You don't have to worry about sloshing coffee when you're in motion! It's got another plastic nubbin on the bottom which is handy so there's even less possibility that it could slip off the table in an earthquake. It keeps my coffee really hot for quite a long time. If you leave coffee in there for days on end (which is...
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