Thermomax Solamax

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Thermomax Solamax

The new Solamax system is a direct flow solar collector. It is a simpler concept than the 'heat-pipe' collector, yet has a performance efficiency considered to be exceptional. Applications include domestic and commercial hot water supply, swimming pool heating and industrial process heat. The Solamax systems consists of a copper manifold and stainless steel support with solar collectors tubes. Heat transfer from the collector plate to the insulated manifold heat exchanger is via a specially designed copper heat transfer tube, through which solar circuit fluid is circulated. The design of this tube incorporates a patented dividing strip configuration, which separates the flow and the return of circuit fluid through the solar collector tubes. The collector plate and the heat transfer tube are vacuum-sealed inside a glass tube. This provides exceptional insulation, whilst assuring perfect protection against adverse weathering influences such as humidity and pollution. High quality insulation in the manifold ensures minimal heat loss. Each system is secured to the roof by means of stainless steel fixing brackets. In the case of a flat roof, a stainless steel frame is available to fit the collector to an optimum angle. These systems are Performance Certified when installed to SRCC OG300 Specifications and tank sizes. When properly installed and maintained, these systems meet the minimum standards established by SRCC. The SRCC certification does not imply endorsement or Warranty of this product by SRCC. Available in sizes and configurations (number of collectors, etc). The unit's efficiency will vary based on the configuration. The specifications below are for an 80 gallon model with an electric auxiliary tank.

Additional FeaturesAvailable with an electric auxiliary tank, multiple collectors
Volume Capacity80 gallons
Power SourceSolar
Freeze Tolerance-50 degrees F
Collector Panel TypeTubular collector
Total Solar Panel Area30.7 sq-ft.
Solar Energy Factor1.5
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC