Therm-O Insulated Glass Bottle

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Therm-O Insulated Glass Bottle

The Therm-O combines the purity of glass with the convenience of double-walled construction to keep your drink hot or cold, yet comfortable to hold. Each Therm-O glass bottle doubles as an eco-carafe with a removable interior tea-strainer. Crystal clear glass is the material of choice for purists. This eco-carafe, designed in Quebec, is also beautiful to behold and easy to keep clean. Thermal bottle without protective carrier. Glass, 500 ml Protective cases also available (sold separately), made of black felt or neoprene, offers carrying convenience, extra insulation and protection for your Therm-O while you are on the move. Each Therm-O glass bottle is also a carafe with an interior tea-strainer which can be removed for easy cleaning or if not needed.

Additional Featureskeeps drinks hot or cold & includes optional internal tea strainer
Bottle Size(s)500ml
Release Date2007?
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC