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The Real Milk Paint Co. Milk Paint


Pros: super eco-friendly, cool packaging

Cons: gets dirty easy.

I saw this first used in a health food store here and town. they also sold the product. so when doing our daughter's nursery, it was a must have. It was easy to use. The down side is when it drieds, it looks a bit "dusty" like it has a very very thin layer of chalk. if your hands are wet, it can effect the paint too I've noticed. not a problem in a bedroom or living room, but could be in a bathroom or kitchen.
all in all, we are happy with our non-toxic choice.


Pros: old-timey; nice colors; zero VOC (no toxic fumes!)

Cons: have to mix it yourself; expensive; mixing it involves a learning curve; very limited range of colors

I was young and innocent when I tried Milk Paint, and I had no idea how small a pint was. I got all excited because it was only about eight dollars for a pint!!! Eight dollars!! OMG!11!11!!!!! Yeah, well, that's because a pint is teeny - and milk paint doesn't seem to have great coverage in the first place. (Now it's about $10.)

I was also excited because Milk Paint is the kind of stuff people used in the Olden Days, one of the many cases where the most eco-friendly way to do something is to do it the way they did a couple of centuries ago or more. It seemed all retro and vintage and historical, like I was part of a great big chain of eco-friendly painters, reclaiming American walls from toxic airborne pollutants. Et cetera.

But Milk Paint did not work for me. Part of this was my fault: the instructions clearly explain when to add water and how much to mix it, and I switched the order, figuring that it would be easier and wouldn't matter. I ended up with chunky paint that gritted up my walls. I did better mixing up the next batch, but thought I would get more coverage out of it; in a desperate attempt to finish one wall without having to order more, I added more water and of course got a lot of weird watery drips and streaks all over the place.

To their credit, Milk Paint offers a refund if you're not satisfied; I didn't want to claim it when the problems lay in my mixing. But I wasn't satisfied anyway; it's very expensive for something I have to mix myself, doesn't cover much of the walls, and only comes in a fairly dark palette. I appreciate that they use eco-friendly all-natural substances, but that alone can't get them across all my walls.


Pros: safe, fun, interesting, texture

Cons: need to have enough jelly jars saved...

 for years, i have been trying to obtain a natural, rich, textured, european, rustic look on my furniture pieces and interior walls.  unfortunately, i was going to lowes and home depot looking through their toxic paint sections hoping to to find "techniques" and products using chemically saturated paint products attempting to achieve a rustic, natural down-to-earth "look".  


at best, i'd walk out the door with several cans and containers which ultimately cost a small fortune.  it kinda reminds me of spending $250 on ripped and worn out jeans to get that old, worn-in look without actually being old and worn-out.


flash foward to REAL Milk Paint!  OMG... TEXTURE, bold & RICH color with TONS of personality.  LOTS of fun to use and SAFE and natural as an added bonus!  I feel as though i've gone to france or stepped back in time whenever i walk into my BEAUTIFUL milk painted rooms.  i will NEVER go back to boring latex, eggshell EVER again!

The Real Milk Paint Co. Milk Paint

Exclusive Formula Real Milk Paint ® was developed in our antique restoration business based on the need for authentic, Real Milk Paint ® in a traditional color palette. Real Milk Paint ®, in 28 colors, is our own exclusive formula made from all organic materials including powdered purified casein, lime and pigments. Real Milk Paint ® is a natural paint and is not a repackaged paint from another company, or simulated milk paint. Our powdered milk paint formula will remain useable for a minimum of a two-week period after being mixed with water. Other milk paints have a short pot life and congeal (jell) to a blob allowing only one day to use the mixed paint or be forced to discard the remainder.

Additional Features
TypeMilk paint
Color14 colors available
Green Seal Certified
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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