The Merry Hempsters Organic Hemp Lip Balm Reviews

Positive Reviews


Loved Merry Hempsters natural organic lip balm


Pros: Certified organic lip balm. Hemp seed oil very moisturizing.

Cons: None.

I really love the Merry Hempsters natural organic lip balm.  Purchased this at my local Whole Foods along with a vegan one for my wife.  I have tried both and found them to be excellent at moisturizing and protecting my lips from the elements.  My favorite was the peppermint lip balm. 

Negative Reviews


Lip Balm, yes. Great? No.


Pros: organic, contains hemp

Cons: makes my lips more chapped

OK, so everyone had their own experience.  MIne with this lip balm was, to say the least, disappointing.  I received it as a gift and was jazzed at first.  Organic?  Great.  Hemp?  Love the  stuff for many reasons ( hemp oil helps control arthritic symptoms and gives you a rockin' cholesterol panel).  I really wanted to like this product but the bottom line is that  using it several days in a row made my lips all dry and peely.  After using this product, I fe t my lips were more chapped than if I had used no product at all.  Sorry, folks, but I cannot recommend this lip balm to anyone. 

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Great lip balm!


Pros: vegan, great flavor, goes on smoothly

Cons: doesn't keep very long - oils go rancid quickly

I just adore this lip balm - it goes on smoothly and soaks right into my skin. It doesn't turn into a solid lumpy. If you're like me - you have more than one lip balm. You leave them in pockets and bags and other places. Don't do that with this stuff - it goes off relatively quickly compared to other lip balms. Hemp oil is, I think, more temperature sensitive and unstable. If you open it and get a whiff of something sort of sour - chances are, it is. Buy one of these and use it exclusively until you finish it up ... or keep it cool when you're not using it.

Certified Organic stocking stuffer!


Pros: Smells nice, tastes and feels good.

I got this at my local grocery store and bought a bunch for stocking stuffers as the ingredients are pure and the product is Certified Organic. I tried the lemon-lime. It smells good and feels nice on my lips. I purchase certified organic body care products for the purity, but also to exercise my consumer power and show manufacturers that higher returns exist for certified organic products.