The Keeper


Pros: easy to carry, small, comfortable, reusable, long-lasting, cheap, less painful periods, no leaks, no smell,

Cons: takes a little learning but not much

I bought this back in the last 90s.  It changed my life.  My periods became shorter and less painful (and no nausea, dizziness, fevers, etc. like were normal -and still are- if I use regular tampons or pads)... basically, for the first time in my life I had a period where I *might* pop a couple ibuprofen for a harder day of cramps and that's it.  It was wonderful.


It does take a little learning at first to put it in right, but luckily you can practice that when not on your period, unlike tampons.  Once learned, it's easy-peasy and you can do it half-awake or dead-drunk lol.


It also lasts so long between emptying that it can be scheduled to do in private at home on most people's schedules.


I could always, always feel tampons, no matter what brand or how placed... but when in right I couldn't feel The Keeper.  I never had a leak that wasn't caused by my own fault of forgetting to empty it on time.. and that was 2-3 times in 10 years, despite a very active lifestyle.


Just a few months ago I retired my Keeper and purchased  a DivaCup just to try out a different style of cup, not because I didn't love my Keeper.  After 9 years it was showing that it was finally getting old... still usable, but getting about time to get a new one.


WONDERFUL product!


Pros: Saves $$$$, saves environment, 12 hours between changes

Cons: A little tricky the first time, can be awkward in public bathrooms, stem needed to be trimmed

I've been using reusable cups for about 6 years now.  I initially bought the Keeper, misplaced it one month, and bought the Diva.  Which I have also misplaced, but it's ok because I found my Keeper back.  The Keeper has been my primary cup.


I think people's questions fall under two categories- what are these cups like in general, and then which cup is the best.


In general-


The cups are fantastic.  They last for about 10 years, and only cost around $30.  Compare that to other products, and you'll see the money piling up in front of you.  I also love that I can stick it in and forget about it for 12 hours.  Again, no other products can compete there.


Then there's the environmental benefits- less production required, less waste generated, no bleaching used...


Health benefits- no association with TSS, doesn't dry you out like tampons can, no exposure to dioxins...


The only problems I found were that it's a little tricky the first couple times you use the cups, and if you are having a heavy enough flow that you need to empty the cup during the day, it's a little awkward in a public bathroom.  I like to use soap and water to wash mine in between uses, but I suppose you could carry some wet wipes so you wouldn't need to leave the stall with your cup.


Diva vs. Keeper-


The Keeper is made of gum rubber, the Diva cup is silicone.   The Keeper is not good if you have latex allergies.


The cups vary a bit in shape and stem length.  The Keeper has a longer stem.  When I first bought it, I found this uncomfortable.  I cut a bit off, and haven't had problems since.  This link has a visual comparison chart of the different brands- just scroll about halfway down.


Since I've never had the two cups at the same time, I can't tell you which I actually prefer...

(Disclaimer: that's not my picture, it's one I found online...)


Pros: reusable, can return product w/in 3 months

Cons: mine leaked, learning curve

Okay, I love the concept of a cup, the reusability, the money savings, the portability. The Keeper was conveniently available in one of my local stores, so I gave it a good try. It was very awkward to use at first (I'm sure tampons were too), and I was a little timid about insertion and removal. I finally got comfortable with insertion and removal, and I really did forget that I was wearing it, it really is comfortable. I really wanted it to work. So much so, that I kept trying different folds, twists, etc, and missed the deadline of the 3 month trial period.


But, it leaked every day. I went through a ton of liners, and after several months, just gave up on the Keeper and ordered another brand via the net. I love the other brand, have had no leaks, and it's much easier to remove because it has little grip-rings on it.


Overall, the Keeper is not bad, just not for me.


Pros: portable

Cons: messy, uncomfortable

After several attempts to use The Keeper, I have given up in disgust. If you enjoy having to dig around in your own cervix in order to extract a hunk of plastic covered in blood, then this product is for you. Incidentally, it also feels like having a huge hunk of plastic shoved up inside of you while wearing it. I bought this thing based on all of the rave reviews on this site, and I am horribly disappointed. I would just warn anyone who wants to try this product that you need to be really, really comfortable with your own anatomy and not be too sensitive when it comes to having a large suction cup stuck inside of you for hours at a time. Also, keep your receipt and figure out if you like it before the warranty/guarantee runs out!

The Keeper

The Keeper is an innovative feminine hygiene product that is worn internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfortable, expensive, paper-based products. Economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive alternatives to other feminine hygiene products. Made by a woman for women, The Keeper (natural gum rubber) and The Moon Cup (medical grade silicone) are both FDA-approved and the only menstrual cups made in America.

SizeSize B (Before childbirth and for C-section) is 1-5/8 inches wide, 2-1/8 inches long, not counting the stem; Size A (After childbirth) is 1-3/4 inches wide, 2-1/8 inches long, not counting the stem
Additional FeaturesFDA-approved
Release Date1987
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC