the green garmento reusable dry cleaning garment bag Reviews


Got one for FREE!


Pros: Closet is now free of plastic, clothes are organized, cool looking bag, love the colors, got it for free on the website!!

Cons: None yet

OK so my DAD told me about the free offer from The Green Garmento. If you email them your drycleaner's name they send you a free bag. I was bummed about the 7.00 shipping but if you buy three bags or more you get a free bag and 2.95 flat rate shipping. So I got two for me and a funky orange bag for my sister. The bags are super cool looking. I hang it from a hook as a hamper, fill it, throw it in my car (no more dog hair on my laundry in the backseat) When I pick up my clothes, my drycleaner gives me everything back in my neat green bag. When I get home, no more gnarly plastic and I take the clothes right out and hang them up. It is SO much easier to find stuff in the morning. The...
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it's both cool and green


Pros: don't need to get the plastic bags on my drycleaning, don't have to worry about dropping something on my way into the dry cleaner

Cons: hard to find

 The last thing I used to do before entering a drycleaner was to look back to see what I dropped.  Now all my clothes are safely inside this cool duffel bag, which I leave at my dry cleaner.  Then everything comes back inside this attractive hanging garment bag -- without the annoyance and pollution of the single use plastic bags. And for less than $10 a bag, I was able to get a couple as gifts.