The Diva Cup Reviews

Positive Reviews

Angela Heckman

Best Feminine Hygiene


Pros: Soft,Flexable,Lasts a Long Time,Reusable

Cons: None

This is really the best  feminine hygiene product out there along with cloth pads and chlorine free tampons. Look people, who use tampons and pads most likely have no clue about the harsh chemicals found in them used for the bleaching process. I turned to the diva cup right away, and yes without being grossed out about it too. It amazed me and I bought it in a heartbeat. Why? Well because, tampons really hurt me and dried me out so bad and caused bad odors and cramps. Pads on the other hand for me were gross. exspecially when you get sweaty with a mixture of bodily fluids. I just hated and didn't like getting the period. Now that i've found the Diva Cup, I have less Cramps, More...
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Negative Reviews


Not for those with low cervix (during mense)


Pros: Cheap, Excellent idea

Cons: Too long if your cervix rides low and customer service won't add warning

If you cervix is low, especially during your mense, DO NOT GO with a Diva Cup.  It is too long.  AND Diva Cup customer service won't give a hoot. Though in the minority, this ain't an isolated case but Diva Cup isn't willing to put a warning on their site.  After much research, those who had the same problem, found success with the UK Mooncup.  You may also want to try Miacup.  The small Lunette would be a possible third alternative.Even after children, if your cervix rides low, the Diva Cup may be too long.

More Reviews


I love my Diva Cup


Pros: only think about your period twice a day

Cons: you have to learn how to use it properly

I have been using the Diva Cup for three years. I, like many, had to get used to putting it in so it fit correctly to not have leaks but after the first two days I had it down. I never have to wear anything other than the cup. I found this extremely helpful while deployed since we only have community restrooms/showers. I didn't have to worry about changing out a pad/tampon several times a day and when I did empty it all I did was wrap it in toilet paper to take it to the sink and wash it then go back to the stall to reinsert. Since I only have to worry about it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it was no big deal. I love that I don't feel anything at all and I don't...
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Best invention ever!


Pros: comfortable, easy to use, inexpensive

Cons: can't clean in public restroom

This is honestly one of the best things to happen to me this year! I LOVE my diva cup. I no longer dread that time of the month. The first month took a little getting used to, but now when I use it- I can not even feel it and there is no leaking. There is less "feminine odor" (sorry tmi) and you can leave it in all day without having to worry. The only bad thing is that you really can't empty it in a public restroom. But as long as you plan ahead it should be no problem. This is an awesome invention and I think everyone should have one.

I Love My Diva Cup!


Pros: no waste, eco-friendly, chlorine-free, convenient

I've used this through one cycle and it was perfect! I put it in incorrectly once and it leaked but after I fixed it I didn't have any problems. I was very comfortable and I could easily wear it at night. I recommend this all menstruating women!

How to feel like a Diva - Fabulous!

I love this product!  I used it before my first child...loved it. After my firdt I went up a size, still loved it!  After my second child I still use it, still love it, and would never use anything else.  No garbage, no leaks, no fuss...  I use it on multi-day wilderness camping trips and adveture and endurance canoe races and don't have to worry about carrying anything else with me - or getting rid of "trash" when in the bush.  There are no cons that I have found and I recommend it to all my friends and even strangers. I even convibced our local clinic to start offering it for sale, after I converted all the staff to using it (well, the female staff that is).

Great Idea


Pros: No more disposable items

Cons: Hard to position right

I've been using this for just a few months.  I still have trouble getting the position correct and need to use "backup" protection.  When it is positioned right it works wonderful!  I really like the security of over night use.It is messy to insert and remove but its easy to get over.  Public bathrooms are really akward but since you don't have to "change" it as often as other traditional products you can usually wait until a better time.I do like the product and will continue to use it but do understand that its not for everyone.

Bye Bye Disposable Cramp Causers


Pros: No chemicals, easy to use, comfortable, no waste

Cons: there is a learning curve

Ever since I had my son I have gotten the WORSE cramps. I never use to get any. I finally tried this product & NO MORE CRAMPS!!!! My only guess is the over-drying and chemical exposing tampons were to blame. I don't dread 'that time of month' like I had been for almost a year when I got this- I breastfed but was not amoung the fortunate that lose their monthly flow by doing so ;-p This was the best almost $30 I've ever spent, and best part is by spending that $30 I've actually saved so much more money by not buying those icky chemical harboring disposables anymore ;-)



Pros: Saves $$$$, saves environment, 12 hours between changes

Cons: A little tricky the first time, can be awkward in public bathrooms

I've been using reusable cups for about 6 years now.  I initially bought the Keeper, misplaced it one month, and bought the Diva.  Which I have also misplaced, but it's ok because I found my Keeper back. I think people's questions fall under two categories- what are these cups like in general, and then which cup is the best. In general- The cups are fantastic.  They last for about 10 years, and only cost around $30.  Compare that to other products, and you'll see the money piling up in front of you.  I also love that I can stick it in and forget about it for 12 hours.  Again, no other products can compete there. Then there's the environmental benefits- less production required, less waste...
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So far, so good...


Pros: less waste, reusable, lasts longer than tampons

Cons: gotta take it out for sexual activity, just like tampons

I have to confess, though the idea makes a lot of sense, I was a bit dubious about the Diva Cup. It seems to work ok but I think I might try the other size or a different type. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions on blogs and discussion boards -- for, oh, about three months. It's pretty amazing as a concept - and it makes a lot of sense. It's definitely a lot less waste and takes up less space than boxes of tampons. I'm ready to return all my unopened boxes of tampons to the store!