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The Auto Moto Three Wheel Scooter


Pros: Perfect for travel to work

Cons: Pet as a passenger

I am single female with a 32lb dog that is my companion.  If it was just me I would get one in a heart beat.  I live and work in a about 10 mile radius so would be perfect.  Not sure it could support my heavy body frame.  For long distant travel I would rent a car.  However, my pouch goes to doggy day care and I have to have a way to contain her as we travel together everywhere.  The scooter does not offer the containment and safety for my baby.


I am sure I am not alone as I have about 7 single females with doggy companions in my office alone.  So we await the perfect vechile that gets great mileage and have room for our furry four legged friends and a lower income individual could afford and insure.


Otherwise I would have the great trike!!!


I just scheduled a test drive. I cant wait !!!

I've never seen anything like this before, it's products like this that will prevail in the midst of this economic downturn, especially if the American auto makers don't step up to the plate and start building better cars. I was amazed to find out that you don't need a motorcycle endorsement for this product in California because it has three wheels. I guess the third wheel must really make a difference for the states department of transportation to let anyone with a regular driver license ride one of these without prior instruction. I'm really looking forward to trying out this new scooter, when I think about how similar the specs are to a Smart car yet for a fraction of the cost, I realize that it's truly a bargain.


Pros: Conversationl piece

Cons: Try 60 mpg, top heavy, came with cheap components, once you order it, your on your own!

Ordered lime green in July, 2011. Finally got KELLY GREEN in NOVEMBER! When I finally got to drive it, I had to replace the carburator and spark plug boot within 500 miles! Had to pay for it out of pocket because a: the nearest dealer is more than an hour from my home and b: you have have to have it serviced within the first 90 days! If you can't drive, you can't have it serviced! The dash was missing the 2 locking glove boxes, no follow up after repeated requests from the president of the company. Gas mileage is no where NEAR what they say, I'm doing good to get 60mpg (isn't that false advertising?) If you ride with 2 people on it, you"ll do good to get 50mpg!



Pros: Cute, windshield is nice, has storage

Cons: Storage lock doesn't work, windshield pops out when it falls over, brake not strong enough to hold up the top part when parked

People are always offering to buy my scooter. I get notes on the windshield all the time. This scooter is great until it breaks down. I guess I'm going to have to learn to work on it myself. Scooter shops won't touch it because it's Chinese. The mirrors break off when it falls over--the brake isn't strong enough to hold it up. Then the replacement mirrors aren't kept in stock by the dealer. Plus the importer doesn't seem to have a proper inventory count or maybe it's just that they don't label their inventory so they don't know what they have. Anyway, they give you the wrong part and expect you to be happy with it. I've been waiting for months to get the right mirror. It's really hard to ride without mirrors! It's not ver Eco-friendly if it becomes another underused product in the scrap pile.


Pros: fun, good on gas, cute, easy to operate

Cons: cant hear radio, too top heavy, hard to back up, wobbly

i bought the auto moto about a month ago, and having never rode a motor cycle or moped before i was practicing on my boyfriends street ( his cul de sac ). i got the hang of it, and took a motorcycle safety course last weekend. and I took it out into traffic for the first time yesterday. 


well it does alright, people definitely see it. i live in wichita, ks. so no one has seen anything like this before. it still feels a little weird for me to have the roof, its very top heavy and can tilt over easily if you move it the wrong way. like for instance backing it up is hard, because the bike is so heavy that you really have to use your legs. it doesnt do well with tight turns or anything, and going over bumps isnt very good, the shock absorbing system on this trike is nil. and i turned the radio on once and turned it all the way up and you can barely hear it when you are driving.


riding on the little honda nighthawk when i was in motorcycle class felt a lot smoother and easier than riding in this thing, just saying. 


its cool because it has a roof, so it does offer protection from the elements. i bought it so i could drive it year round, rain or not. it is good on gas too and insurance, thats a definite plus. 


overall, i think id rather have just a regular ole moped. this thing is way to heavy and big for me.


I dont know of any state that this is not considered a motorcycle.  and you must have a motorcycle license


Pros: Great value and Fuel Consumption

I saw the guys from The Auto Moto out doing a video shoot and though i would go over and take a look for myself, They were very nice and took the time to tell me all about the vehicle and even allowed me to test drive the one they had there for the shoot. I was very impressed and think that they really have a great thing here with the low price point and the great fuel economy. Bottom line i have yet to come across another vehicle of its kind that has all the features of this vehicle for such a low price.  It wont be long before i will be getting one of my own and i cant wait.

The Auto Moto Three Wheel Scooter

Blending sophisticated styling and cutting edge design The Auto Moto provides an alternative means of transportation with amazing fuel economy unrivaled by its competitors! * 83 MPG estimated EPA rating * Automatic CVT Transmission * Requires a regular drivers license in most states * High Performance GY6 engine * Comfortable seating for Two * Easy to operate and convenient to park * Front disk brakes and Rear drum brakes * Lockable trunk with plenty of storage space * Low Insurance Premiums & Maintenance costs * Leans like a motorcycle and fits through traffic * Advanced Tilting Technology

Engine150 CC
EngineSingle Cylinder GY6, 4 Stroke
EngineAutomatic CVT Transmission
WeightMax Load: ~ 350 lbs.
Additional FeaturesAnti-Lock Disk Brakes
Fuel TypeUnleaded gasoline
Fuel Economy City (MPG)83 Miles Per Gallon
Miles per ChargeN/A
Top Speed65 MPH
Release DateJanuary 1, 2009
Release StatusAvailable
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
The Auto Moto - Three Wheel Scooter$3,800
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