The 11th Hour

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Pros: Lots of good information, Leo's soothing voice :)

Cons: Kind of slow...a little boring if you are not up on the issue

Although this movie was not all that exciting, Leonardo DiCaprio really did a wonderful job of putting a different spin on our environmental crisis. With some great scientific facts about how humans have an unfounded superiority complex over nature and some brave statements from environmentalist and ecologists alike it does its job well and has some great information.  I think it is definitely worth a watch especially if you are not up on the issue of Global Warming.

I didn't know what to expect from this but was pleasantly surprised. This movie is a bit unique in that it brings together a variety of elements, from economical to political and even cultural to get to the root of the problem. It's true that because it touches on so many issues it is only a superficial account, but it is an excellent starting point. However, you can still take a number of things home from this. The way we think and operate is responsible for getting us here and we need to change that. The good news is that we have the technology to change route; all we need is the will. The first half of the film was rather depressing; my husband couldn't sit through it. But it does get more inspirational and ends on a more positive note. It was abundantly clear that the earth is going to make it with or without us. It is ourselves that we need to worry about and reflect on our self-destructive and cannibalistic ways.


Pros: jaw-dropping facts about the consumption problems on earth and well narrated

Cons: Somewhat monotonous, requires a passion for the movement to truly enjoy watching

The 11th hour is a well-produced and well-narrated documentary with many visionary leaders sharing their insight into the problems and solutions facing our planet.

The 11th Hour

Environmental documentary 11th HOUR resides at the polar opposite of escapist summer fare its mission to firmly confront viewers about the indelible human footprint that humans have left on this planet and the catastrophic effects of environmental neglect and abuse. Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and ably directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Peterson the documentary doesn't get much fancier than talking heads news footage and the occasional animated illustration but its message is potent and delivered effectively.The first hour of the film is essentially a horror story recounting the myriad sins perpetrated against the environment (pollution deforestation over-mining resources) the reasons behind it (corporate greed faulty public policy bad leadership ignorance) and what it means for the human race. Thankfully the last third of the movie tilts the mood upward with a spirited discussion of solutions offered by a crack team of scientists designers and thinkers. Stirring visions of alternate energy sources diversified transportation enlightened governmental agendas sustainable homes and cities and most importantly more conscious consumer choices leave viewers with the palpable feeling that change is both necessary and possible. If the "eleventh hour" for our planet is drawing near this admirable film points confidently towards a new dawn.System Requirements:Running Time: 124 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/NATURE & WILDLIFE Rating: PG UPC: 085391183518 Manufacturer No: 118351

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