TerraCycle Seed Starter


Pros: Biodegradable, no plastic trays

Cons: Packaged wet, moldy when bought

I bought these mostly because they were on clearance for $2, to save for starting seedlings next year. When I opened the plastic wrap and took off the cardboard cover/label, I could see mold in some of the sections. The trays come pre-moistened, which doesn't make sense to me. I have read that mold on peat pots is not really harmful to the plants, but I think if I tried to save these as is until next year, they would degrade to a pile of moldy mush. And these don't appear to be peat, but some type of cardboard similar to cardboard egg cartons. I opened one tray and used a few sections to start a few seedlings for a few places where previously-sown areas did not seem to be growing anything. Once removed from the packaging, the rest dried out, which gave me the idea to unwrap the rest and put them outside in the sun to dry out and then perhaps they can be salvaged for next year. Overall, however, I would recommend sticking to dry peat pots and a bag of potting soil.

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TerraCycle Seed Starter

Potent: Outgrows a leading synthetic seed starter in germination of seeds Easy-to-Use: Ready-to-use, just plant your seed and grow Organic: All natural ingredients Eco-friendly: Packaged in a tray made from 100% recycled paper and contains pure worm poop (which is made from organic waste) Burn-Proof: Has just the right amount of NPK to keep your plants fertilized while they grow Where to use: Indoors or in a greenhouse How to use: Place your seed in the cell, water frequently and watch it grow. Once it is ready to transplant simply rip off the cell and plant the entire cell. The tray will biodegrade over time.

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