TerraCycle Paper Pen


Pros: good quality pen, made from recycled paper

Cons: pen cap isn't very sturdy and your pen can poke through pretty easily

I got a few TerraCycle paper pens at Office Max a while back and they've been floating around the office.  In terms of writing quality, they're far superior to your standard Office Max branded pens which run out after about 30 seconds. And obviously the ink in the TerraCycle pens is encased in used newspaper and 100% recycled paper.  So that's a big win overtraditional plastic cased pens.  But pay attention to the cap.  It's got little tabs on the top which are folded down to make the top of the cap...and that means there's a little hole at the top.  Don't shove the cap on too tightly or the pen will go straight through the top.  Other than that, it's a solid writing utensil for every day use.

TerraCycle Paper Pen

Made from: Used Newspaper and 100% recycled paper. Made in: USA

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