TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food

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TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food

Liquefied worm poop — nature's premier fertilizer — packaged in a used 20-ounce soda bottle. Buy online: Available online for $6.95 at Gardener’s Supply company Potent: Outgrows the leading synthetic fertilizer in many aspects of plant growth Easy-to-Use: Ready-to-use No mixing Organic: All natural ingredients, OMRI listed™ Eco-friendly: Packaged in reused bottles with an end-run sprayer Burn-Proof: Will not burn your Orchids or cause salt buildup. Where to use: On all Orchids How to use: Spray roots, leaves and potting medium once a week until damp What to do when it's empty: Great Idea: Collect them in a Bottle Brigade box and earn a donation for your favorite charity Good Idea: Use as a sprayer or mister Fine Idea: Recycle the bottle (remove the spray head since it contains a metal ball which cannot be recycled) Bad Idea: Throw it away

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TypeFertilizer or soil mix
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