TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer


Pros: Very eco friendly, good for lawn

Cons: Sprayer needs some redesign

I have used this product for one season. It works well, my lawn has looked great. I have cut back on fertilizer to minimize water abd this stuff did real well.
 I did have some trouble getting the sprayer to work well on the second bottle. This is an issue I have heard others complain about. Terra cycles business model is so eco friendly I will struggle with the nozzels until they make them better.
TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer

Concentrated, liquefied worm poop — nature's premier fertilizer — packaged in a used 1-liter soda bottle. Potent: Outgrows the leading synthetic fertilizer in many aspects of turf growth Easy-to-Use: Included hose-end attachment meters out dosages properly Natural: All natural ingredients Eco-friendly: Packaged in two 1-liter reused bottles Burn-Proof: Will not burn your lawn How to use: Attach your hose and spray. It's that easy. If you have questions regarding dispensing the product, please refer to this FAQ. Coverage: 5,000 square feet per two-pack What to do when it's empty: Great Idea: Collect them in a Bottle Brigade box and earn a donation for your favorite charity Fine Idea: Recycle the bottle (remove the spray head since it contains a metal ball which cannot be recycled) Bad Idea: Throw it away NPK: 5-1-1

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