TerraCycle Juice Pouch Pencil Cases


Pros: Cute, Creative, Great Idea

I remember the overflowing garbage cans on my elementary school playground circa 1985. I would like to think kids have gotten less wasteful, more environmentally conscious, but probably not.


So I think TerraCycle's CapriSun pencil case and other playground-refuse-reused pieces are pretty cool. I am going to use mine for either rubber bands or as a dock for all of my Chinese take out menus.




Pros: Easy to find, not too big

I also got this as a freebe.  I use mine for my grocery coupons.  it is a good size to put all my coupons, a pen, and my list in there and head to the store.  Plus it is appropriately made from recycled drink containers, so it matches the whole grocery theme!  It is quite handy and brightly colored and reflective, makes it easy to find in my pile-o-papers that is my kitchen counter!


When I was given this pouch at the glorious Huddler party (thanks, Stinz), with every intention of scrutinizing the heck out of it. Inside the Pencil case were a number of "one use" body products, so I was working under the assumption that it was a pretty make-up holder and was a bit disappointed since there really isnt much room in there for more than some Pencils. I remembered that i was highly literate, so I read tag inside the oblong melange of capri-sun and zipper. "Pencils, eh? Why is it three pouches wide, then? What if I want to add a box of colored pencils? This is rather long and not deep enough for me", were my immediate reactions. Sorry Terracycle. I really really enjoy your products, but think this one missed the mark re: practicality. I think a 2x2x2 (meaning 8 pouches) would make a lot more sense, and would change the product from JUST pencils to whatever you want it to be. Perhaps you have that. Perhaps not. Also, pens can fit in a 2x2 (meaning 4 pouches) to save room, if youre JUST going for writing utensils, but I think you're more muti-use than that.


Pros: Great Idea

Cons: Ugly

This is a great idea, but it can look cheesy. The pouches aren't small enough to make the bags look like patterned fabric or make it fashionable. It is handy, however, and nicely sized.

TerraCycle Juice Pouch Pencil Cases

Made From: 100% used Drink pouches collected in the drink pouch brigade sponsored by Honest Tea and CapriSun. Donation: $0.02 was donated per drink pouch used to a local charity. What Are Drink Pouches Made From?: Most Drink Pouches are made from polyester-reverse side printed to aluminum then laminated to polyethylene (a plastic polymer). Unfortunately, this packaging is not recyclable.

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