TCP SpringLight 14W Spiral CFL Reviews


Nice small energy efficient CFL


Pros: small, warm light, energy efficient

I received 2 of these 14 Watt Spring Light TCP CFLs in the awesome Huddler contest prizes. They only use 14 Watts of power and provide the equivalent light of a 60 Watt incandescent. The light output is a nice warm color, and the bulb itself is nice and small. It's quite a bit smaller than the 23 Watt (100 Watt equivalent) GreenLight CFLs I have.

Great CFL for your home.


Pros: Bright, warm, energy efficient light.

Cons: None yet...

We rec'd two of these bulbs from the Huddler contest. value - being free - is great, but I would definately purchase these as well. They give off good light, which is also a good 2700K on the kelvin scale. The light passed the "Wife Test" - in other words, she approved :-) I can only recommend this light because it is simply a good product. It is an instant-on type of bulb. Like other typical CFLs, it is not dimmable - but it is lead free. 100% of the packaging can be recycled.

Spring Cleaning? Add SpringLight to your To-Do List


Pros: soft light, energy efficient, cost savings, 9-year warranty, reduce CO2, energy star rating, lead-free

Cons: not dimmable

Thanks to Huddler, I received two(2) 60W soft light SpringLight CFL bulbs to replace a couple of way-too-bright CFL 60W bulbs I was using in my living room! What a difference! Added bonus - these are lead free. Yipee! The box packaging is recyclable too.

Company stands behind product


Pros: light bulbs seem to work fine

Cons: none

Purchased a 12 pack of 23w bulbs. Took a while to get around to using all of them. The box contained 4 packs of 3 each. When I got down to the second to last box it contained only 2 bulbs and the last box contained only 1 bulb so I got 9 bulbs out of the 12 pack. Spring Light Fed Ex'd me 3 replacement bulbs immediately.