TCP R40 CFL Floodlight Reviews


Flood bulb for recessed lighting


Pros: Good color and lumens - bright!

Cons: Warm up time...

These bulbs were hard to find at the time (2006) - an R40 flood CFL that was comparable to 75 watt incandescent... (Lowe's now carries a similar product). For the type of recessed can we have, the R40 works best by size. Par38 would fit. R30 would fit but look undersized... This CFL from TCP has good color and very good brightness (lumens) - I almost thought they were too bright compared to the incandescents they replaced, but the ultimate test of the "Wife" proved that they were fine. :) Like other CFLs of this style, they do have a "warm up" time in which they are a bit dim. Takes some getting used to, but once you expect it - not that big a deal. Only...
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