TCP n:vision 14W CFL Reviews


Great Value


Pros: Price

Cons: Delayed brightness.

 Like most fluorescent bulbs it takes a few seconds to gain full brightness. It's nice in the morning, that's about the only time. Great value and decent life span. I think this light bulb is the way to go right now for all around value and Eco-friendliness. I did have one fresh out of the box that blew instantly. I used about 12 more and it wasn't an issue for any of the others. Recommended as a preferred green partner by

Good beginning


Pros: cheaper overall

Cons: not as pretty as flame shaped bulbs

These bulbs are slowly being added as old ones burn out. We have replaced a bit more than half of our bulbs and none of these have burned out yet. So far so good!



Pros: Save money, conserve energy, good for the environment

Cons: NONE

I got this CFL free at my college's Green Festival. It works great, is so economical, and using it greatly decreases my carbon footprint. The benefits of this one lightbulb are astounding; it should be illegal or at least very difficult to sell and buy older incandescent lightbulbs that burn out easily and are so bad for the environment. Great product, TOTALLY recommend!

soft & cool light


Pros: good light color temp, energy efficient, less heat

Cons: none at this time

I have been really pleased with specific brand. The costs in energy saving alone has paid itself back. I noticed a difference in the power bill right away. For me, the biggest plus is the good color temperature. Soft and pleasant. A very important factor.

Instant On - unlike some GE bulbs


Pros: Instant On

Cons: none

Comes on instantly, like my 13W from the same company. Several other bulbs (see are delayed - we ARE in the 21st century, right? If a little company like this can actually make an instant on bulb, you'd think GE would be able to do the same.

n:vision 14W CFL


Pros: low cost

Cons: light has a "sharp" look to it

I got one last year at Home Depot when they were doing a green promotion. I believe it was free (1 per customer). The bulb produces a sharp light (not soft like incandescent). Probably because it's flickering at a high frequency (I've always been bothered by the flickering). I'm using it in a 3 way lamp in my room, and it only turns on for 2 of the 3 settings. Probably not the right bulb for the lamp, but it works.

Simply a good bulb.


Pros: Good color.

Cons: ...don't really have any.

Don't remember the date and price for this item, but have used this bulb in a few locations within our home - family room, bedrooms. Most people don't even realize its a CFL, it's color is good and no hum at all.

Great substitute for "regular" incadescents


Pros: Easy to find, use; good light source

Cons: Takes a second or two to come to full brightness

Well worth the effort based on energy savings. Slight delay in achieving full brightness is worth it for efficiencies. I have been using these bulbs for the past several months only, so I cannot yet comment on the expected life of 10,000 hours. If the claim is valid ..... then yippee !