TCP DuraBright 23W Energy Saving Bulb Reviews


Warm Light, Cool Energy Savings


Pros: 9 Year Warranty, Lasts 13X Longer, 100W Output, 10,000 Hours, Energy Star

Cons: Contains Mercury, Non-Dimming

Last year, we bought a bunch of the DuraBright energy saving mini-spiral light bulbs at our local home improvement center on sale: 14W, 20W and 23W. We replaced as many lights as we could. Unfortunately, a number of our fixtures are on dimmer switches, so we were unable to replace all our conventional bulbs. The 23W gives off a warm white light, which I prefer. It gives 100W light output, last 13X longer than a conventional bulb and comes with a 9 year warranty. The only other downside to mention is that it contains mercury.

Warm-up time


Pros: energy saving

Cons: Warm-up time

 The coils of the bulb don't all go to full brightness at once.  They get progressively brighter over a couple of minutes.