TCP 9W Spiral CFL Reviews


Great CFL for smaller lamps


Pros: Good color, nobody even notices it is a CFL.

Cons: None yet :-)

We have the n:Vision (by TCP) brand of this bulb in warm/soft white. This little CFL just sips electricity - just 9 watts! It is perfect for those lamps that are smaller and typically call for a max of 40w bulb. Gives off plenty of light, and with good color tone. No flicker, hum, or buzz.

Pretty good CFL


Pros: inexpensive, turns on immediately, low energy useage

Cons: gets brighter over time

These are pretty good CFL bulbs for your home, they do take a few minutes to reach full brightness, but they turn on right away, last forever and use very little electricity, plus they're not too terribly expensive if memory serves.