Tarte rise & shine natural lip stain & lip-enhancing lipgloss Reviews


Tarte rise & shine lipgloss for pretty, kiss-ready lips.


Pros: Get beautiful, great tasting, long lasting lip color and shine.

Cons: Not as natural or organic as it could be.

Tarte does decent on the eco-front, for example...rise & shine lipgloss is butylene glycol free, petro-chemical free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free, GMO free, propylene glycol free, sulfate free and made with natural fragrance. rise & shine is infused with Tarte’s super fruit complex - a mix of healthy natural super fruits. Not tested on animals. Packaging is extremely minimal and recyclable and they do have a recycling program for many of their products. Tarte fully explains their skinvigorating ingredients and discloses all ingredients both on their packaging and at the site. Tarte has eco-ethics in the workplace and offers green tips at their site, plus are a member...
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