T.O. Bevys Organic Vodka Coolers


Pros: organic, no additives, made in canada, certified, delicious

Cons: not widely available yet

I was at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival in Calgary, AB and came across the booth for this product. I had one taste and knew that I had found my new favorite drink. All of our friends that were with us (including the guys) thought that these were amazing. I highly suggest them to anyone who enjoys coolers (or even an adult fruit juice).

T.O. Bevys Organic Vodka Coolers

Totally Organic Beverages have a 5% alcohol content by volume and are available in four delicious flavours, all of which are certified organic and contain no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives, and no added sugar. * MANG: Organic Mango juice blend with a hint of orange and organic alcohol * BLACUR: Organic Black Currant juice blend and organic alcohol * CRAN: Organic Cranberry juice blend and organic alcohol * POMM: Organic Pomegranate juice blend with a burst of blueberry and organic alcohol

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