Sylvania 13W CFL Reviews


Quality CFL Bulbs


Pros: green, effective, cost, heatless

Cons: flicker

These are the best price point I've found for quality CFL bulbs. Just moved into a new place, and after leaving behind all the CFLs in the old apartment (green it on, etc), and having many new bulbs to replace, purchased two of these cases to get the cost per bulb, with tax, down to $1.71 - not bad. They do flicker a bit when turning on, but I prefer that to the instant blast of light. They emit virtually no heat and can be used in any standard socket.

You Light up my Life....

Bought these a while ago, switched out some in old house, moved brought with and replaced all.  Haven't had any burn out and feel it is a great value.  Even tried getting my work to buy um, still working on that one though!

Nice Light


Pros: Its just like using a regular bulb but better

Cons: like most cfl's the initial expense is higher

Great lights, I have the Natural light spectrum lights. I remember the initial price was a bit higher then standard bulbs but me and my girlfriend are trying our best as young college student to green our appartment living. These lights are helping make our goals of efficiancy that much easier.