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Swipes Lovin Wipes TM 42 Count Cucumber Scent

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i purchased swipes lovin wipes about a month ago, and i have to say it is one of the best investments ive ever made. not only does swipes do the duty of a sock or washcloth, but it gives you the clean satisfaction of feeling freshly showered after sex, and leaves a great smell! i would recomend swipes to anyone! trust me you'll love them!!


Pros: soft and gentle on the skin, smells great ata a good price too!

These things are great!  They are soft and gentle on the skin and smells wonderful.  I have been using wipes for many years now and tried these for a change - not going back to my other wipes, I will be buying Swipes from now on.  Great price as well.


Pros: Specific to my needs, Flushable, Dispersible, biodegradable, compostable, discrete, All Natural, Quality, Eco-Friendly, Chlorine Free, Septic Safe.

Cons: I cant find them in a local retail store just yet.. When Swipes??

A friend of my wife recommended these after or before sex Intimate wipes. We have been a huge fan ever since. What a great idea my wife and I said, there is a wipe out there for everything but not until now have we come across a wipe specifically made for Intimate purposes. There are a few feminine wipes that hold up okay however we haven't found one that is a flushable wipe or biodegradable wipe or any kind of eco wipe for that matter. They are all natural which leads me to believe also organic. A sex wipe is so much better than any other routine I’ve heard of. Of course, we've all tried the same "remedies" to this dilemma: bath towels, toilet tissue, baby wipes. But none of those options ever offer a really effective solution. They're either messy, distasteful (who wants to use that towel?) or smelly. We all know how families get started, but the unmistakable odor of baby wipes isn't exactly what one might call a romantic aroma. They offer a cucumber fragrance and an unscented version. They serve the purpose better then anything I've tried without sacrificing on quality and are as environmentally friendly as one could ever hope for. Keep up the great work Swipes...


Pros: Environmentally friendly.. Amazing scent.. moderately priced..

Cons: The creators nailed it.. Maybe another scent option would be nice

I think the creators of Swipes really nailed the nail on the head with this product. Its nice to finally have a wet wipe that doesnt smell like baby products and is as efficient--if not more so!!! Kudos!!! 

Swipes Lovin Wipes TM 42 Count Cucumber Scent

Swipes Lovin Wipes are an eco friendly, all natural, biodegradable and compostable personal hygiene wipes intended for adults to freshen up before or clean up after intimate moments. They contain no harsh chemical ingredients and are free from alcohol and chlorine. They do, however, boast soothing elements like pure water, aloe and Vitamin E, providing a gentle solution for those who have grown tired of the ineffective tissue or bath towel routine.

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ManufacturerSwipes Inc
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TitleSwipes Lovin Wipes TM 42 Count Cucumber Scent
FeatureMade in the USA and enhanced with Aloe and Vitamin E
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Natural Personal Care › Sexual Wellness › Swipes Lovin Wipes TM 42 Count Cucumber Scent