SunPower 210 Solar Panel Reviews


My electric bill was $8.63 last month!


Pros: Dramatically lower bills, Using the POWER of the sun

Cons: Quite Expensive Initial Investment, Still have to have S. Cal Edsion for night time power.

We have had our Sun Power Panels since last July, when we installed our swimming pool.  We have the 225 model and we have 28 of them on the roof.  It's 5.5 kw system.  So our electric bill with a 26,000 gallon swimming pool, 2650 sq foot house, and four people is less than 10 bucks a month.  It's really great!  I just take the money I normally would have paid for the power bill and pay it towards the cost of the panels every month. I LOVE watching the meter spin backward--it's better than slot machines at Vegas, because I know these are paying off in a lower bill, less reliance on the grid, and long term savings.  Clean solar power---it's the sun why not use it's amazing energy,...
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